Highlights of Alumni Who Majored in English

Our graduates take their rigorous training written, spoken, and aural communication to a variety of careers, from politics, broadcast journalism, advertising, and publishing, to education, law, finance, and business. Meet some alumni:


In June 2019, Shannon began working at a start-up company called uConnect, which is a career services marketing platform that helps colleges and universities provide a dedicated space to centralize their academic and career resources. She is an Onboarding Lead, working directly with new clients to customize and build their platform, and brainstorming ways to guide students to more meaningful career pathways. Her role is to help colleges deliver on their promise of student career advancement by partaking in client calls, assisting with the design of institutions’ platforms, and encouraging campus communities to become involved in their students' career exploration process.

On Saint Anselm College
"St A’s gave me the confidence and background I needed in order to take on this new role. The challenging English courses, ranging from Senior Seminar to Medieval Literature, pushed me to become a better writer and person. I learned how to step outside of my comfort zone through public speaking and presenting my thesis and other various projects. Not only was my workload beneficial in developing stronger research and writing skills, but the support I received from faculty was (and is) unwavering. My professors at St A’s always made themselves available during office hours, and worked around my schedule to provide extra support whenever it was necessary. Everyone cared about me as an individual and not just as a number. The faculty at St A’s always checked in to see how I was doing, constantly reassuring me that with hard work, the sky was the limit. I’ll always be grateful for the mentors I’ve encountered at Saint Anselm College, including Professor Malieckal, who still remind me to never give up, allowing me to get to where I am today."