Learn about the past and how it shaped the present, all while preparing for the future.

About the Department

The History Department houses two majors (History and American Studies) and four minors (History, American Studies, Asian Studies, and Latin American Studies). Why embark on a course of study in the History Department at Saint Anselm College?

Love What You Do: Majors and minors in the History Department are passionate about what they study. Perhaps it was a favorite teacher in high school, a visit to a museum, a movie they saw, a discovery about their ancestors, or a realization that the past affects the present that sparked their interest in the field. Now is your chance to join this group, hone the skills associated with the discipline of history, develop your understanding of the past, and study what you love with professors who are just as excited about studying the topic as you are.

Flexibility: The majors and minors are flexible; students can personalize their course of study by taking required classes in any order they wish.

Choice: History majors and minors can choose from an array of courses whose geographic range and chronological span are unequaled by any history department of similar size in New England. Meanwhile, those majoring in American Studies or any of the department’s interdisciplinary minors can fulfill their requirements by taking courses in a wide variety of departments.

Research Opportunities: The History Department offers a number of exciting research opportunities for students. These run the gamut from paid positions that allow students to assist faculty members with their research to courses where students can explore their own interests.

Careers: The History Department has a proven track record of preparing students for the job market. While a number of our graduates teach or find history-related positions, the great majority go on to work in a wide array of other fields, including law, politics/government, business, journalism, public relations/marketing, law enforcement, healthcare, military service, software, filmmaking, social work, and health care. Recent surveys reveal that 100% of responding recent alumni are either employed, volunteering, or attending graduate school full-time.

Department Contacts

Chair: Philip Pajakowski
Mailing Address: 100 Saint Anselm Drive #1629
Phone: (603) 641-7047

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