The History Department offers internships at a number of locations, including the New Hampshire Historical Society, the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, and the College Archives. These internships can help students make informed decisions about their career, form important professional connections, obtain valuable experiences, and apply academic knowledge to real-world problems.

History and American Studies majors are also encouraged to explore the extensive internship opportunities available through the Internship Office and to seek out internship opportunities on their own.

Students interested in history department internships, or history credit for Internship Office and self-located internships, must contact Professor Hugh Dubrulle early in the semester PRIOR TO when they wish to do an internship.

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Internship Spotlights

Eric Boumil, Class of 2014, Manchester Historic Association

"My internship at the Manchester Historic Association was both incredibly useful and enjoyable. I loved being able to take part in preserving Manchester's history through cataloging their ever-growing collection of photographs. I feel having that experience working with the photo collection at the Research Center and working with visitor services at the Millyard Museum helped build something that got me to my current job at the Sports Museum in Boston. The staff at the MHA gave me tips on where to look and how to stand out when applying for jobs in the museum field. They also really seemed to care about making sure I was getting what I wanted to get out of my internship. My experience there is something I still reflect upon and talk about with my fellow colleagues in my line of work."


Sabrina Fahy, Class of 2016, Chapel Art Center

"While interning with the Chapel Art Center, I worked closely with the curatorial team to complete the various tasks involved in exhibition preparation. Aside from exhibition work, I prepared, manipulated, and managed extensive permanent collection databases. I also took on general museum maintenance responsibilities, including the documentation process for updating, as well as the accession and deaccession of pieces. Various history courses had provided me with the chronological and thematic organization skills, as well as the comprehensive vision needed when working in a museum setting. I then completed two other internships in Boston over the summers. My internship tasks demanded careful research skills, the ability to articulate my research in reports, and the ability to be perceptive of past and future connectedness, all skills I developed in history classes."


Alexandra Madsen, Class of 2015, Currier Museum of Art

"At my internship, I created educational teaching tools be used by the Head Educator in docent training sessions for a Smithsonian Museum traveling exhibition. I also developed presentations, learned web archiving, and attended a day long training session on visual thinking strategies. Working in the education department at the Currier altered my graduate school choices, and helped cement my desire to pursue a career as a professor. I am now a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin working towards my PhD."


Joseph Donahue, Class of 2013, Upton and Hatfield Law Firm

"I have had four internships during college to help figure out a career path for myself. My internship with Upton and Hatfield helped me decide whether to go to law school. Among the benefits of a liberal arts education are the development of skills such as critical thinking, analysis, research and communication, all of which are applicable to a variety of careers. I used my internship experience to practically apply these skills in a workplace setting as I was discovering which profession I wished to pursue upon graduation. My internships helped me realize my passion for working in higher education and my desire to work in that particular field. I encourage all students to seek internships during their time as undergrads in order to help them discern what their skills are and how they can best be utilized as they join the workforce. Currently, I am working as an Administrative Assistant for the First Year Experience Program at Boston College."


Aleesha Griffin, Class of 2014, Manchester Historic Association

"I loved my internship. It had helped narrow down what type of museum work I was interested in pursuing. I found the internship to be one of the most valuable experiences I had in college. It not only allowed me to apply my research skills, it also allowed me to explore different career options. It has also been helpful as a talking point on resumes and as a valuable reference in my job search."