What do the inventor of the laser, the former Chancellor of Germany, the creator of the internet, and the Nobel Laureates who discovered the black hole at the center of our galaxy have in common? They were all physicists!

About the Department

Physics is the examination of the natural world at its most fundamental level, serving as the foundation for all of science and engineering. But, more than anything, physics is a way of thinking that is designed for tackling challenging technical problems. This is why you will find physicists working in nearly every field and industry, from digital animation and economics to quantum computing and cancer treatment.

The Saint Anselm physics program prepares students for a wide variety of STEM careers, advanced graduate degrees, and the education profession. The physics department is home to faculty with broad research expertise, ranging from astronomy, laser physics, and remote sensing, to quantum information science, gravitational theory, and the foundations of physics. Physics majors have the opportunity to participate in active research programs with faculty members in any of these research areas, in addition to accessing the on-campus Quantum Optics and Geographic Information Systems Laboratories and the Izart Observatory. 

Department Contacts

Chair: Ian Durham, Ph.D.
Mailing Address: 100 Saint Anselm Drive #1759
Phone: (603) 222-4073

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