Why Saint Anselm College? Just ask our alumni!

The experience I received at Saint Anselm prepared me for veterinary school and my career beyond. All of my professors cared deeply for my success and I would not be where I am today without their support. Saint A's felt like a family and I could not have imagined myself going anywhere else.

~ Sarah Senechal '13
Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine '17


My experience at Saint Anselm is at the core of my success as a practicing dentist. The research opportunities available in the biology department allowed me to stand out when applying to dental school, while the curriculum and small class sizes prepared me to excel in the didactic and clinical portions of my dental training at Tufts. Saint Anselm drove my desire to succeed and facilitated my development from student to professional.

~ Greg Josephsen '09
Tufts College of Dental Medicine '13

Greg Josephson.jpg

What separates Saint Anselm College from other institutions is the level of commitment of the professors, a diverse and advanced curriculum, and research opportunities. My professors were exceptional and some of the most enthusiastic and passionate faculty I have encountered. Their doors were always open for my questions and concerns and they had a genuine interest in every student. Saint Anselm's science curriculum taught me how to study, manage time, and prepared me for taking the MCAT and performing on medical school exams. The research opportunities developed my critical thinking and technical skills, allowing me to conduct meaningful research and write manuscripts.

~ Ryan King '13
University of Central Florida College of Medicine '17


Saint Anselm College jump started my future career as a physician. My time in the biology research labs prepared me to develop my own research projects, and service opportunities kindled my lasting interest in global health. These experiences motivated me to join the U.S. Navy, where I will serve as a physician and Naval officer.

~ Ann Lehto '14
NY Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine '18


Saint Anselm could not have prepared me better for my future career as a physical therapist. During my time there I was challenged, supported, and really taught how to think critically. My experiences in the classroom, volunteering as much as possible, and my time on the football field all helped me become the person and future professional I am today. Saint Anselm gave me the skills I need to pursue the career that I am passionate about.

~ James Murphy '15
Northeastern University Physical Therapy '19