The Modern Languages and Literatures Department offers five languages:

  •  Chinese
  •  French
  •  German
  •  Russian
  •  Spanish

Our major and minor programs help students develop linguistic skills and cultural enrichment through an emphasis on language proficiency and intercultural communication and understanding.

If you’re interested in majoring or minoring in a language, you can take a variety of language and culture courses that will spark your interest. The course sequence even offers ample time to double major.

As an Anselmian majoring or minoring in a modern language, you will be greatly encouraged to immerse yourself in another culture.  Our students take advantage of many different study abroad and internship abroad programs around the world.  Some of the most popular destinations are Beijing, China; Berlin, Germany; Aix-en-Provence, France;  Saint Petersburg, Russia; and Granada, Spain.

With a background in a foreign language and a strong foundation in the liberal arts, our alumni are sought-after job candidates at a great variety of companies and organizations:   government agencies, banks and financial institutions, national and international companies, hospitals and health care organizations, schools and universities, publishers, non-profit organizations, travel and tourism agencies, as well as media and entertainment industries.

  • Language Placement

    Prior to registering for a modern language, you must complete either a Language Survey or both a Language Survey and Placement Exam for the language you plan to study, as appropriate.

    If you have never studied (and have no life experience with) the language you would like to take, complete an online Language Survey (it takes 2-3 minutes).

    If you have ever studied (or have experience with the language you would like to take-it was spoken at home, you lived abroad, etc.), complete an online Language Survey (it takes 2-3 minutes). When you are done with the Survey, you will be given a link to an online Placement Exam (which takes 15-20 minutes), be sure to click it and complete the exam.

    Step-by-step instructions for the Placement Exam:

    1. Navigate to: (Only do the EXAM once you've completed the SURVEY)
    2. Enter the password: placement (case sensitive). Click Login.
    3. Choose the language you want to study from the dropdown menu. Click Begin.
    4. On the next screen, fill in your name, Student ID number (the username you use to login to the portal), and email. Click Continue at the bottom.
    5. You will receive a practice question, which will be labeled as such, with instructions on how to complete the exam. Choose your answer, and then click Submit Answer.
    6. Answer the questions to the best of your knowledge. Keep in mind that this is a placement exam-the best outcome is an accurate placement, not a specific score.
    7. When you are done, the results are displayed (and they go to Modern Languages). Please save your results. You'll need them when you register (take a photo with your phone, e-mail them to your self, print them out-just make a note of them). Click Finished.

    All done! We look forward to meeting you! If you have questions please contact Professor Jaime Orrego via email at

  • Study Abroad

    Although Saint Anselm does not offer its own semester-long study abroad programs, each semester a number of students travel to various parts of the world and receive academic credit for studying at an accredited academic institution. In recent years, students have studied language in Spain and France, marine biology on the Great Barrier Reef, art history in the museums of Florence, finance in London, and the “Troubles” of Ireland.

    If you are planning to study abroad or are interested in what opportunities are available to you, then you should talk with your professors and academic advisor as well as make an appointment with the study abroad office. Their office has a library of reference materials and catalogs related to study abroad.

  • ​Language Resource Center - LRC

    The Language Resource Center - LRC is located on the fourth floor of Alumni Hall. You may contact us at (603) 641-7008 or

    Resources and Services for Students, Faculty and Native Speakers

    • PC lab, dual screens for research
    • Ceiling projector, retractable movie screen, Apple TV, Blu-Ray, DVD, laptop connectivity
    • Flatscreen LCD TV connected to PC, Apple TV, DVD and VCR players
    • iPads for use during Native Speaker sessions and language classes
    • Movies, DVD and VHS in international format
    • Magazines, dictionaries, games in foreign languages
    • Study space, conversation area, large presentation area
    • Convenient evening hours 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays

    Work Study / Payroll Students

    The LRC employs work study and payroll students as LRC Technicians. Please complete a student employment job application, available on the student employment website and send to Michaela Olsen at the beginning of the fall and spring semester.

  • LIVE: Learning Languages

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