Offered as a major (B.A.)

The Finance major prepares students for careers in corporate finance, investment banking, international finance, financial planning, and wealth management.  Students develop a deep understanding of a broad range of topics:  financial statement analysis, financial leverage, stock and bond valuation, risk and return in the global capital markets, risk management, portfolio theory and management, security legislation, structure of capital markets, and ethics.

Major Requirements

Economics & Business Department

Featured Course

FI366: Student Managed Investment Fund:
Under the guidance of the professor and college’s investment committee, students get hands-on experience in investment research and portfolio management as they actively manage a portion of the college’s endowment.  Acting as research analysts, they utilize quantitative, qualitative, and fundamental analysis to determine whether a financial security should be included in the portfolio.  The capstone of the semester is when the students present their investment theses and portfolio results to the college’s leadership.