Graphic Design
Offered as a major (B.A.) and a minor

Graphic Design focuses on the creative, integrative, and persuasive use of text and images to facilitate and enhance communication and an understanding of complex information.

Fine Arts Department

Graphic Design Major

Graphic Design Majors at Saint Anselm will develop a fluency with typography, style, and visual design as well as with industry-standard software (i.e. Adobe Creative Suite). Students will learn how to craft visual user experiences (UX) and interfaces (UI), sharpen their creative problem-solving skills, and discover design principles, processes, and history.

The major requires 11 courses/41 credits.

Courses include:

FAS 250 2D & 3D Foundations
FAS 274 Graphic Design I
FAS 272 Digital Art & Imaging I
FAS 374 Graphic Design II
FAS 375 Typography and Design
FAS 245 Digital Photography
FAS 270 Visual Communication
FAS 372 Digital Art & Imaging II
FAS 376 Art & Design for the Web
FAS 378 Animation, Motion Art, & Design
FAH 101 Introduction to Art
FAH 220 New Ways of Seeing: 20th-Century
FAH 222 Global Contemporary Art

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FAH 226 History of Digital Art
FAH 228 History of Graphic Design
CS 111 Computing 1
CS 112 Computing 2
CS 205 The Internet: Fundamentals and Issues
CS 210 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
CS 250 Human Computer Interaction
CS 255 Computer Graphics
CS 338 Internet and Web-Based Systems (prerequisite CS 112)
FAS TBD Junior Year Portfolio Review
FAH 490 Senior Seminar
FAS 492 Internship

Graphic Design Minor

A minor in Graphic Design introduces students to the tools, techniques, concepts, and vocabulary essential for building knowledge and skills in the discipline, as well as for developing a sharp sense of problem solving, visual composition, and aesthetic strategy.

The Graphic Design minor is comprised of 5 course/20 credit hours.

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