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We are eager to assist you with your philanthropic vision and giving plans. Please feel free to contact any member of our staff if you have questions.

College Advancement: Senior Vice President and Chief Advancement Officer

James Flanagan

Senior VP College Advancement

+1(603) 641-7221

Deborah Landry

Executive Assistant

+1(603) 656-6025

College Advancement: Associate Vice President

John Davis

Associate VP College Advancement

+1(603) 641-7770

Lisa Boyon

Administrative Assistant II

+1(603) 641-7666

Advancement Services

Emiko Ostrowski

Director of Advancement Services

+1(603) 641-7395

Shauna Admirand

Advancement Systems Manager

+1(603) 641-7205

Donna Hume

Advancement Services Coordinator

+1(603) 641-7219

Alumni Relations and Advancement Programming

Patrice Russell

Assistant VP Alumni Relations

+1(603) 641-7202

Fr. Benet Phillips, OSB

Senior Associate Director Alumni Relations and Advancement Programming

+1(603) 641-7000

Javier Videla

Associate Director of Alumni Relations

+1(603) 641-7201

Maria Sato

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

+1(603) 641-7204

Emily St. Jean

Alumni Relations Coordinator

+1(603) 641-7220

Annual Giving

Julie O'Connor

Assistant Vice President

+1(603) 641-7165

Shelagh Daly

Senior Associate Director, Annual Giving

+1(603) 641-7196

Audrey Gauss

Assistant Director, Annual Giving

+1(603) 641-7555

Tiffany Lewis

Administrative Assistant

+1(603) 641-7212

Major Gifts/Corporate Relations

Kenneth Binder

Assistant VP - Major Gifts

+1(603) 641-7399

Peter Labombarde

Senior Director of Gift Planning

+1(603) 641-7228

Sharon Sweet

Director Corporate Relations

+1(603) 641-7552

Patricia Guanci

Major Gifts Officer

+1(603) 641-7210

Stewardship Planning and Research

Mark Reimer

Director of Stewardship, Planning and Research

+1(603) 641-7201

Meaghan Lapointe

Associate Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship

+1(603) 641-7241