We can all agree that Saint Anselm College is special. Our community of students, faculty, staff, monks, and alumni come to us with different backgrounds, beliefs, passions and voices. But there is one uncommon character trait that we all share: Each of us is an Anselmian.

Listen to some of the extraordinary voices of Saint Anselm College.

Caroline Kiley ’24

Meet Caroline Kiley ’24, a superstar senior whose four years at Saint Anselm has been filled with remarkable resilience and impressive accomplishments.

It’s impossible to miss Caroline on the Hilltop, as she’s actively involved with the Meelia Center with roles as the manager of the Community Center at Saint Raphael’s parish, and FAPNO coordinator. She’s also participated in Campus Ministry’s Road for Hope and Anselmian B.R.E.A.K. as well as the Food, Clothing and Furniture Drive (FCF).

Get to know Caroline better in this latest Everyday Anselmian video profile. She tells us a fun fact most people don’t know about her, what she always orders at Davison and more!


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Meet our Everyday Anselmians

Valerie Diaz

Meet Valerie Diaz — you’ve probably seen her smiling face in Alumni Hall and definitely received many emails with her name on it. That’s because Valerie is the maestro who makes Dr. Favazza’s office run so smoothly. She is the executive assistant to the College President and has lots of interesting connections at Saint Anselm College.  You’ll love to get to know her better by watching our latest Everyday Anselmian video profile! 

Valerie tells us what it’s like working for the head honcho, and some funny stories — including one that will make you literally laugh out loud.