In 1974, Saint Anselm College made the momentous decision to welcome women into all programs at the college, beyond the already well-known nursing program. More than 50 years later, the college celebrates this historical milestone with a year-long commemoration. This anniversary marks the inspiring journeys and countless achievements made by the first 26 admitted women at the college. The decision to reshape Saint Anselm into an institution of equal opportunity and success remains salient today.

Appointed by President Joseph A. Favazza, a special committee plans the anniversary celebration with a series of events and programs, engaging students in the year-long commemoration. Featuring the history and success of Saint Anselm women through the last half century, this tribute connects the past to the present, highlighting those who shaped Saint Anselm to be what it is today with the many accomplishments made by women in the present.

In some ways, it is hard to imagine a time when Saint Anselm was not a coeducational institution […] When reflecting on that decision, it is so clear to me how the presence of women on campus has only strengthened the mission of the college.

— President Joseph A. Favazza, Ph.D. (Academic Convocation)

Honorary Committee

Saint Anselm College celebrates 50 plus years of women’s academics with a series of events throughout the year. The programs engage students in remembering and honoring the many milestones achieved by women at the college. An honorary committee is appointed to construct the year’s commemoration, The committee is led by Father Benet Phillips, O.S.B., ‘87, Director of Alumni Relations and Advancement Programming, and Christine Gustafson, Professor of Politics and Special Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The committee members are listed below:

Father Benet Phillips, O.S.B. '87
Christine Gustafson
Ann Holbrook
Carolyn King
Jennifer Kelber '01
Susan Gabert '91
Ann Camann

Jennifer Pace '13
Karlea Brunelle 
Laura Lemire '06
Keith Chevalier
Benjamin Horton '12
Caryn Sheehan '94

Partner with the Women’s 50th Celebration Committee

If you have an event that fits with our celebration of 50 years of women’s education at the College, please contact Fr. Benet Phillips (, Christine Gustafson(, or Laura Lemire (, so that we can include it in our calendar. We can also give you access to our logo to help with marketing your event. We welcome your collaboration!

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