The Saint Anselm College chapter of the American Association of University Professors was founded in 1970. Since then it has worked to:

  • protect academic freedom
  • promote shared governance
  • inform and support faculty
  • advocate for equitable working conditions
  • recognize faculty excellence

The chapter holds events to help keep all faculty up to date on developments across academia. Membership in the AAUP provides additional tools for staying an informed member of the professoriate.

To join the Saint Anselm College chapter, faculty members should first join the national AAUP. National membership fees are scaled by salary, and you can use your faculty development funds toward membership. You can join on the AAUP website. Please email the chapter secretary to inform them you have joined at

The Saint Anselm College chapter is not a collective bargaining chapter. Please email the chapter secretary for a copy of the Chapter Constitution for more information.

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Name Department Box No. Phone
Destiny Brady (President) Nursing 1745 641-7077
Kevin Doran (Vice-President) Sociology and Social Work 1677 641-7122
Beth Salerno (Secretary) History 1629 641-7049


Distinguished Faculty Award

Each year the Saint Anselm College AAUP Chapter presents the Distinguished Faculty Award at graduation. The award reads: "For excellence in teaching and scholarship, contributions to the academic community through active and positive relations with colleagues and students, and an involved concern for humanity." Nominations are solicited from the faculty and the selection is made by current and immediate past officers of the chapter. Recipients include:

Professor Department Year
Tauna Sisco Sociology and Social Work 2022
Gary Bouchard English 2021
Elizabeth Ossoff Psychology 2020
Hugh Dubrulle History 2019
Maria McKenna Psychology 2018
Don Rhodes Biology 2017
George Parodi Chemistry 2016

Barbara Baudot

Politics 2015
Meoghan Cronin English 2014
Paul Finn Psychology 2013
R. Ward Holder Theology 2012
Beth Salerno History 2011
Philip Pajakowski History 2010
James Mahoney Philosophy 2009
Kathleen Perrin Nursing 2008
Denise Askin English 2007
Michael Dupre Sociology 2006
Elaine Rizzo Criminal Justice 2005
William Farrell Sociology 2004
Roger Blais and Danielle Lesage-Blais Modern Languages 2003
Barry Wicklow Biology 2002
Dale Kuehne Political Science 2001
Landis Magnuson English 2000
Gregory Buck Mathematics 1999
Richard Hechtl Psychology 1998
Joanne Farley Nursing 1997
John D'Espinosa Modern Languages 1996
Fr. Richard Clavelle, O.S.B. Classics 1995
Joseph Scannell Fine Arts 1994
James O'Rourke Philosophy 1993
Fr. Peter Guerin, O.S.B. Theology 1992
James McGhee Theology 1991
Teresa Mendez-Faith Modern Languages 1990
Olaf Tollefsen Philosophy 1989
John Romps Business and Economics 1988
Dennis Sweetland Theology 1987
Paul Savage Political Science 1986
Fr. Michael Custer, O.S.B. Chemistry 1985
John Lynch History 1984
Robert Otten English 1983
Fr. Placidus Riley, O.S.B. Theology and Administration 1982
Ruth Bagley Nursing 1981
Roy Upham Chemistry 1980
Thomas Lee Biology 1979
Fanny Delisle English 1978
Vincent Capowski History 1977
Joseph MacDonald Philosophy 1976
Francis Mason History 1975
Edward Comiskey English 1974
John Windhausen History 1973
Barbara Stahl Biology 1972
John Ryan English 1971
Roger Lawrence Biology 1970