Welcome to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Saint Anselm College. For detailed application information, upcoming meetings, frequently asked questions, or other information about us, please visit the links provided.

The mission of the IRB committee is to protect the rights, privacy, and welfare of human research subjects recruited to participate in research.

The function of the IRB committee is to review all human subject research to ensure that it is in compliance with federal standards for the protection of Human Research Subjects (45 C.F.R. Part 46) and that it is consistent with the policy and procedures of Saint Anselm College. Additional information as to what qualifies as human subject research is available on the FAQ page. There are four types of reviews provided by the IRB:

  1. Exempt review is for research activities involving human subjects that are exempt from the federal regulations governing human subject protections. Exempt research is limited to research that falls within one of the exemption categories defined in 45 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 46.101. Note that exemption status is determined by the IRB committee, not the investigator. 
  2. Expedited review may be used for certain kinds of research involving (1) no more than minimal risk (2) minor changes in approved research (3) procedures listed in one or more of the categories outlined in the human subjects guidance 63 FR 60364-60367. Note that eligibility for expedited review is determined by the IRB chair, not the investigator. Detailed information on the expedited review process is available on the FAQ page.
  3. Full committee review is required for the remainder of the study applications. Examples include those with greater than minimal risk, or involving a vulnerable population. Studies can receive full IRB approval for a maximum of one year from the date of the last convened meeting when the protocol was reviewed. The committee meets once a month from August - May to review research proposals.
  4. Continuing review. Federal regulations require human subjects research protocols to be reviewed a minimum of once per year (21 CFR 56.109 and 45 CFR 46). Continuation of a research study beyond the approval period requires submission of a request for continuance to the IRB. It is the investigator's responsibility to submit a status report, and if appropriate, a request for continuance in a timely manner. Additional information on continuing review can be found at the DHHS website. Documents (status report and request for continuance) can be requested by emailing irb@anselm.edu.

Activities not subject to IRB review:

  • non-intrusive observation of participants in public settings for non-research purposes
  • data-gathering from class members solely for classroom purposes
  • needs assessments or evaluation data intended to remain within the Saint Anselm College community.


Elizabeth Rickenbach, Ph.D.
Chair, IRB Committee
(603) 656-6194