The Presidential Chain of Office

The Chain of Office of the President of Saint Anselm College is composed of a series of links which include the names of the previous presidents of the college and their dates of office.

Included in the chain are four fleurs-de-lis as a tribute to the Sisters of Saint Joan of Arc who lived, prayed and worked on this campus for eighty years.  Hanging from the chain is the Seal of Saint Anselm College in the form of a medallion.

The seal is composed of a shield on which appears a black cross with three drops of blood in each quarter formed by the cross. These are the arms attributed to Saint Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury and patron saint of the College and Abbey.

A sheaf of five silver arrows superimposed on the shaft of the cross, representing the original five counties of New Hampshire, is taken from the seal of the Colony of New Hampshire, upon which it was the central ornament.

Encircling the shield is the legend Sigillum Collegii Sancti Anselmi (Seal of the College of Saint Anselm), and at the bottom of the circle is the founding date of the College —1889.

Attaching the medallion to the chain is a single link with the letters U.I.O.G.D. for the Latin “Ut in omnibus glorificetur deus” from the fifty-seventh chapter of the Rule of Saint Benedict “That in all things God may be glorified.”

Presidential Regalia

The gown, hood, and tam with which President Favazza will be invested are, with the chain of office, symbolic of the college and the president’s rank and authority as its chief executive. Created in the college’s colors of dark blue and white, and bearing the college seal on the velvet trim on the front of the gown, it is worn on all formal convocations on our campus and elsewhere. Only a president’s gown bears a fourth velvet bar on its sleeves.