As society changes, it is especially important for students to continue engaging in responsible global citizenship and leadership, and preparation for meaningful work.  These are just a few of the core outcomes found within our Global Programs Portfolio, a robust and varied collection of outcome-driven and intellectually rigorous experiences.

The Global Programs Portal is the gateway to discover all approved programs.  Students can create a profile and add programs of interest to their profile.

In-country Programs

Students may choose from our new signature semester program in Tuscania, Italy or from a variety of providers and locations on our curated Showcase Programs List.  Students may also consider opportunities on our curated Petitioned Programs List, which require a personal essay as part of the application process.  We look forward to guiding students through the process of program investigation and selection, application, course approval and pre-departure planning.  In addition to semester options, students may embark on short-term programs spanning from 1-8 weeks.  These include our faculty-taught Global Seminars, and short-term provider programs in January and summer. 

The Details

Know you want a global experience but not quite sure what kind? The programs are as wide-ranging as the reasons. The Global Programs Portfolio can help guide you in your decision-making.

Things to Think About When Choosing a Global Program

Reflect on your reasons for embarking on a global experience?

  • What you are hoping to gain from the experience (e.g. language acquisition, resume building, increased professional skills and career readiness, cultural experience, personal growth, etc.)?
  • When do you want to travel? Consider the dates of the semester and the length of the program—for example, semester programs in the southern hemisphere usually run from early February to late June and from mid-July to late November.

Learn about your Country and Culture of Interest

Do you know anything about the people, government, cities, culture, religion? Knowing a little more about locations will help you to make an educated decision.

What type of Program Platform is best for you and with what kinds of attributes?

  • In-country and face to face?
  • Virtual and flexible?
  • What is the right sized institution for you?
  • Professional development opportunities such as internships or volunteering?
  • Housing—do you want to live in an apartment, a residence hall or a homestay?
  • Is having a meal plan important to you or do you fancy cooking up great international meals?

Look Over Global Programs That Are of Interest to You

Connect with the provider and speak with their program managers. These are the people that you will turn to regarding all of your site- and program-specific questions. Ask questions to learn more about your options and decide which one will fit you best!   

Learn About What Types of Courses Are Offered

  • Do your homework! Finding the right study abroad host institution program requires some research.
  • Really investigate what courses each program offers. This may require reviewing the course catalog of the host institution. We can help!
  • Visit the provider's website to get the most up-to-date information on course offerings.

Explore Other Options

  • If, after reviewing the college's Global Programs Portal, you cannot find a program that's right for you, students may petition to apply to a different program.  This involves significantly more individual work and responsibility, but it might make all the difference for you! Petitions are reviewed and approved by the VP of Academic Affairs. 
  • Meet with the International Programs director prior to completing the Petition.
  • Petition using the One-time Approval. To learn about the One-time Approval Policy please review the Policy Document. Both the One-time Approval Policy and Policy Document can be optained by contacting the Office of International Programs.