What lies behind us and what lies before us are but tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Any global learning opportunity is valuable. As the world is adapting to pandemic conditions, the value and importance of cultural fluency remains significant. Remote opportunities provide intentional, high tech pathways to increased diversity, equity and social justice experiences.  Virtual global education isn't the future, it is here now.

Saint Anselm College’s Global Programs Portfolio (accessed through the Global Portal) now includes virtual global course, laboratory and internship options, offering dynamic environments for students to build unique connections, attend classes with an international cohort, work with global NGOs and companies, and continue to develop non-cognitive (soft-skill) and digital competencies critical to today's workforce. Students will have experiences such as a “day in the life of a local”, virtual city tours and exposure to cultural riches through activities such as real-time language, and even cooking and dance classes.

Virtual programs offer elements that tradition in-country do not: 

  • Affordable: priced substantially lower than in-country; no travel expenses 
  • Accessible:  proximity to intercultural experiences and industry experts, with intentional reflection
  • Environmentally Responsible: no carbon footprint
  • Significant digital competencies development: State of the art learning management systems (LMS) developed specifically for these programs
  • Customized micro-credentialing and digital badging for professional portfolios and profiles   


Virtual Academic Experiences

API Global Select


Virtual Skills, Career-Readiness and Internship Experiences

API Innovation Labs

API Community Engagement Labs

CAPA Global Internships (credit and non-credit options)

AIFS/GE Global Internships (credit bearing)