From Transition to Direction

The Anselmian Sophomore Experience is aimed at helping second-year students achieve success in and out of the classroom. The sophomore year of college is a unique time for students as they grow intellectually, personally, spiritually, and socially. Through a variety of programs, we hope to help sophomores gain direction for their future, make a connection to the college, their peers, and the community, and gain awareness about their own strengths and skills.

The second year is a time to further develop your academic plan; learn about and plan for study abroad, internships, opportunities for professional development; take on leadership roles; learn about others, learn to self-advocate and find your niche.

Helpful Links for Sophomores
Helpful Links for Sophomores
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Sophomore Events 2023-2024

Develop your Pathway Plan - Create an integrated and unique plan to actively discover your purpose and place within the Saint Anselm community and seek insight in key areas of your collegiate experience based on your goals. To get started, contact Dr. Karlea Brunelle to set up an appointment at (603) 641-7600.