At the heart of the curriculum at Saint Anselm College is a set of learning outcomes that the college considers essential for the education of each student. These outcomes can be classified into the different learning areas outlined on this page, all of which contribute to the comprehensive educational experience of our students.

For the complete text of the student outcomes associated with each learning area, download the Saint Anselm College learning outcomes booklet at the bottom of this page.

College-Wide Outcomes are not necessarily associated with any particular course, department, or major, but rather are integrated throughout the entire curriculum.

  • Critical & Imaginative Thinking
  • Written & Oral Communication
  • Information Literacy
  • Moral Inquiry

Shared Learning Experience Outcomes define the common first year humanities course, Conversatio. It is within this year-long course that students are provided with an orientation to studies in the liberal arts and an introduction to the distinctive value of those studies within the Catholic, Benedictine intellectual tradition.

  • Intellectual Orientation and Integration

Core Outcomes are requirements in the core curriculum that are intended to provide a breadth of academic experience that is indicative of a liberal arts education. For more information on core curriculum requirements associated with core outcomes, visit the Guide to the Core Curriculum.

  • Aesthetic & creative engagement
  • Citizenship
  • Global engagement
  • Historical awareness
  • Linguistic awareness
  • Philosophical reasoning
  • Theological reasoning
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Scientific reasoning
  • Social scientific awareness
  • Writing Composition

Major / Minor Outcomes are those student learning outcomes that are required within a student's major or minor of choice. Explore our academic offerings to learn more about an individual major or minor.