Saint Anselm College's core curriculum serves the needs and aspirations of today's student. Building upon the college's strengths, particularly in the humanities, the curriculum offers greater student choice of core electives.

Bachelor of Arts

Graduation requirements:

  • A minimum of 128 credits
  • Completion of core curriculum (course requirements outlined below)
  • A major field of concentration in accordance with departmental regulations
  • A comprehensive examination in the major field of concentration

Core curriculum course requirements:

  • Humanities - Conversatio I, II (HU 103, 104)
  • Freshman English (EN 105)
  • 3 writing intensive electives*
  • Core learning outcomes
    • Aesthetic & Creative Engagement
    • Citizenship*
    • Global Engagement*
    • Historical Awareness
    • Foreign Modern Language (proficiency through the 200 level or above) or Classical Language (proficiency through Intermediate I)
    • Philosophical Reasoning (1 Theoretical Reasoning and 1 Ethical Reasoning)
    • Theological Reasoning (1 Biblical Literacy and 1 Catholic Theological Reasoning)
    • Quantitative Reasoning
    • Scientific Reasoning
    • Social Scientific Awareness

(Please Note: Core requirements indicated with an asterisk (*) are eligible to be fulfilled in conjunction with other core courses. Therefore, some courses offered in the core curriculum may fulfill multiple core requirements.)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Graduation and core curriculum requirements are the same as above, with the exception of no foreign modern or Classical language core requirement.


Honors Degrees