About our Program

The Classics Department offers two majors and three minors.

The Major in Classics focuses on mastering the classical languages and thereby engaging ancient literary works directly.  The close attention given to Greek and Latin texts develops in the Classics major an ability to think critically, examine and weigh words carefully, and communicate effectively.  Our graduates often pursue advanced degrees in Classics, Ancient History or Archaeology, some go on to related fields in the liberal arts, or attend professional schools in law or medicine. Others have gone on directly to teach Latin in secondary schools, as well as to careers in government, modeling, banking, social work, programming and software development, to name a few.

The Major in Classical Archaeology has its focus on the material culture of the Greek and Roman world and provides student with the opportunity to gain field and lab experience at our excavation near Orvieto, Italy. Many of our graduates have gone on to pursue M.A.s and Ph.D.s at graduate schools in archaeology as well as in museum studies and Cultural Resource Management (CRM).

We also offer a Minor in Greek and a Minor in Latin to full time, degree-candidate students not majoring in Classics. Likewise a Minor in Classical Archaeology is offered to full time, degree-candidate students not majoring in Classical Archaeology.