Requirements for a Minor in Greek

The Classics Department awards a minor for advanced studies in Greek to full-time, degree-candidate students not majoring in Classics.

The Greek Minor requires five courses

CL202 Intermediate Greek II

Four courses in the chosen language beyond the intermediate level. An approved literature or culture and civilization course may be substituted for one of the language courses.

A minimum average of "C+" must be earned in the five courses for the minor. No course will be accepted in which a grade below "C" is assigned.

A comprehensive examination administered by the department.

Further information on the acceptance of advanced language courses taken in overseas programs may be obtained from the director of the minor.


Courses which fulfill the Greek Minor

CL202 Intermediate Greek II
select four
CL301 Greek Historiography
CL302 Greek Philosophy
CL310 Greek Epic
CL314 Greek Tragedy
CL315 Greek Comedy
CL317 Greek New Testament
CL319 Greek Special Topics
CL419 Greek Seminar
* substitution option choose one (✓)

CL210 Ancient Art and Architecture
CL222 Classical Mythology: Gods
CL223 Classical Mythology: Heroes
CL231 Survey of Greek Literature
CL232 Survey of Latin Literature
CL250 Classics Special Topics
CL258 Etymologies: Words and Word Power
CL260 Ancient Law
CL261 Ancient Athletics
CL262 War and Culture in the Ancient World
CL275 Introduction to Archaeology
CL277 The Archaeology of Greece
CL278 The Archaeology of Rome
CL280 Archaeological Fieldwork
CL281 Study Tour
HI 311 History of Greece
HI 312 History of Rome
TH110 Gospels
TH115 The Writings of St. Paul
TH280 Early Church