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The Community Resilience & Social Equity (CRSE) Lab at Saint Anselm College is a dynamic research center and consultancy. The CRSE Lab was established to translate social equity research into practices that make organizations resilient and that result in equitable community impact. It produces events and curates resources that support resiliency, inclusion, and social equity.

The lab is led by Professor Loretta Brady of the Saint Anselm College Department of Psychology.

Key Impact Areas 
What is CRSE Lab?
Why Make Games?
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CRSE Lab's Key Impact Areas

  • It convenes groups to create solutions with vulnerable communities.

  • It builds curriculum that supports holistic professional development for our community's most vital leaders.

  • It provides products and programs to support those recovering from adversity in its many forms.

What is CRSE Lab?

Resilient and equitable community development results in stronger people, places, and policies that lead to shared success.

Why focus on social equity and resilience? Organizations that consider their communities, that support their workers, and that consider ways they can continuously improve access for those undeserved or underrepresented are more likely to survive in the face of difficulty; developing leaders who are self-reflective and empowered to do their best results in organizations that are responsive and accountable to their communities. Community Resilience & Social Equity Lab creates community supports through our Resilience Incubator and with organizations through our Technical Assistance Bureau.

Why Make Games?

CRSE Lab uses applied gaming in its work with organizations and workforces. Whether it be to engage youth audiences in challenging subject matter, to destigmatize help seeking in military vets, or to create opportunities for shared understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIBJ) topics, the lab believes games have transformative power to bring people together and make communities stronger. 

How to Engage with Community Resilience & Social Equity Lab

If organizations need to translate evidence-based research into practical community level impacts then partnering with Community Resilience & Social Equity Lab can support their goals. The lab provides research, practice, and technical assistance while partnering to create programs, products and opportunities for resilience and social equity.

If organizations wish to discuss collaborations please reach out. Community Resilience & Social Equity Lab responds to request for proposals three to four times per year (November for January and beyond engagements, March for May and beyond engagements, July for August and beyond engagements. We also respond by invite outside of these months depending on the opportunity and our current client demands).

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Community Resilience & Social Equity Lab


Over two decades Dr. Brady’s approach to centering the strengths and needs of vulnerable communities has resulted in programs that meet the community while growing professional capacity. Past projects include:

  • Creating the first public sector Inclusion Leadership Program in the country. (NH Bureau of Education & Training)
  • Developing the first Trauma Informed Intensive Outpatient Program in the State of NH. (Family Willows, Families in Transition)
  • Formerly incarcerated workforce development with offenders. (New Hampshire State Prison for Women, NH Probation and Parole) 
  • International Federal Treatment System Change (Antidrug agency, Cyprus)


Resilience Incubator

Play tester sign up, invite the lab's game facilitators to your organization by contacting

Technical Assistance Bureau

Email requests for proposals to
Deadlines: November 1, March 1, and July 1


Become a sponsor and partner for CRSE Lab events including: Love Your Life Leadership & Service Expo, Repair & Renew DEIBJ conference, and EdQuity Summit


Loretta Brady Preferred

Loretta L.C. Brady, Ph.D., Director

Dr. Brady is a licensed clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at Saint Anselm College where she directs Community Resilience and Social Equity Lab (CRSEL). She previously served as co-director for the Center for Teaching Excellence. She serves on the boards of several task forces and local non-profits including youth serving organizations and healthcare systems.

She is the author of “Bad Ass & Bold: A Transformative Approach to Planning with Your Loves, Dreams, and Realities in Mind” and “Technology Touchpoints Parenting in the Digital Dystopia,” published in November 2022 from Rowman & Littlefield. Her award-winning writing has been recognized by the New England Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators, Jack Jones Literary Arts, and the New England Press Association. Her work has appeared in New Hampshire Business Review, Business NH Magazine, and she has been a source for the New York Times, USA Today, and The Washington Post. She lives in Manchester, N.H., with her family and dog, Zelda.

Glenn Given, Game Designer In Residence

Karen VanWormer, SHRP, HR Consultant

Julianna Robidoux, Masters Fellow

INBRE Fellows
Gianna Cormier ’24
Brianna Plant ’24

Lab Manager
Samantha Sinacori ’24

Kayla Smith ’24
Connor Terry ’24

Rebecca Benoit, Alumna


In 2020 an alumni advisory board was established which includes biotech, mental health, medicine, community development, youth services, and many other professional expertise areas. The board assists in event programming, networking, and provides undergraduate student assistants with professional development opportunities.