HawkNet is a student program of customer support staffed by members of the Saint Anselm College Office of Information Technology and students hired as technology assistants.

Do You Want to Work in the Office of Information Technology?
Working as a technology assistant in the Office of Information Technology's HawkNet program at the Help Desk, Media Center, and Instructional Innovation Center are some of the best jobs available on campus. You don't have to be a computer science major; you just need an interest in computers and helping people. A position with us is a definite career plus. We offer great resume experience, structured training, student leadership positions, flexible hours, good pay, and a fun-working environment. For many people, working for HawkNet is a first step in starting a career in the computer or business fields.

What Are We Looking For?
We look for students who are well rounded, who want to learn about our labs, residence hall setups and/or other services, and who show promise with customer service assisting faculty, staff, and students. Do not underestimate your abilities or chances of getting hired! The key points we look for are initiative and a friendly attitude. We encourage as many students as possible to apply. Successful applicants will receive advanced training, on-the-job training, and may be assigned to various jobs, including: 

  • help desk assistants,
  • media assistants (assist with audio/visual and cable TV),
  • instructional technology assistants.

How Does the Directed Resource System of Support Work?

Each help request is directed to the best qualified resource within the IT organization to address the particular issue. We accomplish this through our Single Point of Contact Support Concept in which all supports requests come through the Help Desk. 

IT requests come to the Help Desk where they may be resolved or triaged and assigned to the resource, person, department, or outside organization which can best resolve the problem. We maintain a Customer Service Total Ownership approach that keeps the focus on requests and guides the progression to resolution.  Customer Service follows the progress of all open tickets.

Normally, students who staff the Help Desk will provide the initial phase of support as the face of the Office of Information Technology (OIT). This stage of the process receives the request and performs initial resource triage and assistance through phone, in person or email to faculty, staff, students, and the monastic community. If issues can't be immediately resolved at the Help Desk, they are then directed to the appropriate resource.

More complex issues that may not necessarily be handled by students staffing the Help Desk are directed to more highly trained students or the OIT staff through the Help Desk ticket system. More complex issue may require more advanced or certified specialists or outside support organizations.

The Office of Information Technology staff is limited and cannot staff the Directed Resource Support program completely with full time staff members.  Therefore, recruiting students into the HawkNet program that function as part of our support team is the method for augmenting staff and providing students with great work experience.

More Information

For program questions and application
E-mail us at HawkNetL@anselm.edu