Any student organization seeking recognition and funding from the Saint Anselm Student Government Association must have an advisor. This person must be a member of the College faculty or staff and agree to act in this role on a volunteer basis. The organization cannot participate in and/or conduct activities without the guidance of an advisor.

Responsibilities of student club and organization advisors

  1. Offer guidance by reviewing goals, objectives, and the progress of the organization.
  2. Act as a resource person for the organization. Advisors may have access to internal and external networks and information which may be helpful to student groups.
  3. Provide continuity from year to year. As the leadership of the organization changes, new leaders are often left without a sense of organizational history. Advisors provide for a smoother leadership transition.
  4. Offer experience and/or expertise in a particular area related to the group's purpose.
  5. Translate college policy for the organization when issues arise.
  6. Support, motivate, and encourage the organization's leaders and members as they take risks and face challenges.
  7. Develop and refine leadership skills with the organization's members.