The purpose of the Student Government Association shall be to promote the best interests of the student body of Saint Anselm College, to foster a recognition of the rights of the student body, to promote active student participation in the operation of Saint Anselm College, and to program social, cultural and educational activities for the enjoyment of the Saint Anselm College community

SGA President
Salvatore Parent

SGA Vice President
Diego Benites

Chief of Staff
Nicholas Longo

Secretary of Internal Procedures
Sean Kelleher

Secretary General
Gabriela Goulet

Secretary of Public Relations
Grace O’Donnell

Secretary of Club Affairs
Matthew Carges

Deputy Secretary of Club Affairs
Mia Price

Secretary of Finance
Nicholas Yeaton

Deputy Secretary of Finance
Michael  Hanna

Chair of Welfare Committee
Kerrigan Stevens

Chair of Room and Board Committee
Caleb Lumbard

Chair of Academic Committee
Faith Williamson

Organizational Outreach
Liaison Josephine Rizzo

Secretary of Programming
Zachary Castro

Assistant Secretary of Programming
Conor Beswick

SAAC Liaison
Alison Ferullo 

SAAC Assistant Liaison
Tyra Turner

2023-2024 Class Councils

It is the function of the Class Councils to organize the class activities; promote class spirit and unity; raise needed revenue for class activities; address the class collectively to secure their support and involvement in class functions. The elected members of the Class Council shall be: the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, and four Senators.

Class of 2024

Jaqueline Labovitz

Vice President
Luke Chadwick

Carly Zinko


Matthew Tobey
Kevin Macarelli
Hannah Peterson
Robert Petrino

Class of 2025

Molly Timberlake

Vice President
Michael Connors

Madelyn Ward


Abigail Jansen
Brandon Boss
Peter McTague
Colby Warren

Class of 2026

Nolan Philpott

Vice President
Brigid Hughes

Ryan Hemmings


Justin Bergeron
John Anglum
Paige Dillis
Adeline Clifford\

Class of 2027

Prince Ojha

Vice President
Andrew Johnson

Stephan Donegan


Ryan Bender
Benjamin Harrington
Christopher Wilmott
Kylin Frenkiewich

Student Government Association Committees

Club Affairs works with the Student Activities Office to help clubs start and continue to be successful.

The Finance Committee keeps continual accounts of the financial condition of the Student Government Association including the regulation of all accounts and giving additional funding to areas it sees fit by majority vote.

The Internal Procedures Committee shall act upon all matters concerning internal procedures within the Student Government Association, including elections, referendum, any disciplinary action, and Constitutional issues.