Health and Safety Inspections occur at least twice per academic semester. Typically, inspections occur during hall closing periods. During these times, a Residence Life Staff member will complete an inspection of each room to ensure that all health and safety standards outlined in our Student Handbook are being upheld. The staff will also address any Conduct Code violations present during the inspection. 

To prepare for Health and Safety Inspections, be sure to review our Student Handbook for all residence hall, fire safety, and conduct policies.

The following items are prohibited in all residence halls/areas:

Starred items * are allowed in apartments, provided they remain in the kitchen.

Halogen lamps
Hot plate*
Heating / immersion coil
Electric frying pan*
Toaster oven*
Extension cords
Electric / space heater
Electric blanket
Non UL-approved electrical items
Air soft guns
Pets (including fish)
Candles (both unused and wickless)
Incendiary devices
Hazardous chemicals
Gasoline, propane and/or butane
Illegal substances and/or drugs
Air conditioning unit
Grill (electric, charcoal or gas)