Saint Anselm College's Residential Life and Education caters to all of our undergraduate students. For our first-year students, we offer special housing that encapsulates the Residential First Year Experience program.

What to Bring

Most students will arrive on campus with too much, not too little. Your room already is outfitted with some amenities and furnishings. One of the best best things that you can do prior to arriving on campus check-in is to call your future roommate(s) and discuss the room. Discuss the types of items you wish to bring to campus ahead of time. This can be very helpful in saving you both time and space if you coordinate who will be bringing certain appliances, electronics, and furnishings. Talking about your room before you move in with your roommate(s) will help you to visualize your new room as a space where you and your roommate(s) can be comfortable and happy.

Not sure what to bring with you to college? Check out our list of items to bring to college and what items to leave behind.

Computers and Mail

Saint Anselm College has a variety of student services available to you. Visit the Office of Information Technology for more information on computer use. Visit the campus mail center for more information on your campus mailbox.

The Residential First Year Experience (RFYE) is a residential life program designed to support and challenge first year students as they make the transition to college life. The RFYE program consists of a thematic, developmental approach with involvement from the campus community and resources to programmatically address the needs of the first year student.

Generally, the first year for most college students presents the greatest challenge with new experiences in a variety of areas:

  • Increased academic work and expectations
  • Changing relationships (family, peers, faculty/administrators)
  • New routines
  • Decision-making responsibilities
  • Discovering new interests/passions
  • First time living away from home
  • New expectations of self and others

Participating offices in the RFYE include but not limited to: Health Services, Campus Ministry, Student Engagement And Leadership, The Harbor, Career Developmental Center, The Meelia Center (volunteer opportunities), Academic Resource Center, Academic Advising, and Intercultural Center.

The Office of Residential Life and Education is committed to facilitating the academic, social and leadership development of all students with a wide range of programs specifically for the unique needs of a first year student. We refer to this as a "Living/Learning" environment with encouragement of academic success through policies, programming, and physical amenities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Residence Halls have extra-long twin mattresses. It's suggested you bring extra-long twin sheets to fit a 36" x 80" mattress.