What is IBECC?

The International Business Ethics Case Competition (IBECC) is a collegiate business ethics competition where teams of 3-5 present the legal, financial, and ethical dimensions of a business case study. This competition consists of three main events: a 25-minute presentation to a panel of judges, followed by a question and answer session, a 10-minute presentation of solely the ethical components of the case, and a 90-second presentation wherein the presenter must convince a listener of the importance of the team’s case. In every competition, the judges give the teams feedback on how they did in their performance and how they can improve.

IBECC 2022

The 2022 Saint Anselm College IBECC team was composed of Natalie Bender ’23 (Great Books/Music), Erin Doyle ’25 (Psychology), Anders Larson ’23 (Philosophy), Kathleen McCarthy ’22 (English/Theology), and Catherine Roberge ’24 (Biology). 

This year’s team investigated the use of echo chambers in Twitter. The team explored the ethical dimensions of this and proposed a solution that would alter the algorithms of Twitter in a way that would make diverse conversation more accessible on the platform but should not pose any noticeable financial risks. The team took first place in the 25-minute and 10-minute presentations, and second place in the 90-second presentation.

“Working as a member of the 2022 Saint Anselm IBECC team was an immensely rewarding experience. My critical thinking skills were challenged throughout the research process as I learned to think and speak about an urgent ethical issue in a professional manner. I also gained confidence as a public speaker through the experience of presenting my team’s case before a distinguished panel of judges. I am very thankful to everyone who made this opportunity possible and will apply the skills I learned as an IBECC team member to my future professional life.”