The Classics Society is open to all students who express an interest in Greek or Roman culture. The Society's mission is to offer its members an opportunity to learn more about Classical Civilization and the Classical Tradition through lectures, films, colloquia, museum trips and social events including a banquet featuring authentic Roman cuisine and entertainment. In addition to these offerings, the Classics Society organizes and sponsors the campus wide intramural QUIZ BOWL competition.

For more information or to join our email list contact us at

Society Officers 2023-2024

President: Mary Margaret Fanning, '24

Vice President: Michael Dansereau, '25

Treasurer: Will Dervin, '26

Secretary & Community Service Officer: Enzo Scicchitano, '26

Social Media Coordinator: Megan Brewer, '26

Advisor: Matthew Gonzales, Classics Department Chair

Annual Events

Film Series

Movies with a Classical or Archaeological theme, ranging from art to guilty pleasures.


Trivia Night

Vie to best the rest in your knowledge of Classics themed trivia.


Coriglia Excavation Field Report*

Annual report on the findings of our Italian dig.


Archaeology Day

Dig Saint A's. Learn archaeological techniques excavating building foundations in the Ozone. Family Weekend.


Ceramics Workshop

Paint a replica of Greek or Egyptian ceramics.


Fright Night

Haunted Alumni. Dare to share a scare. Ghost stories told in the dark.


NYC Museum Trip to the Met*

Bus trip to the Met. Faculty led tours of the Greek, Egyptian, Etruscan and Roman galleries- you choose. Afterwards, free time to explore the city.


Ancient Roman Coin Workshop*

Learn to clean and identify authentic ancient Roman coins.



Campus wide team competition and tournament with buzzers! General knowledge questions. Jeopardyesque, but you supply the answers not the questions.


Ovid's B-day Bash*

Celebrating Ovid's genius with readings from his poetry and serving anachronistically decadent cake in his honor.



Our spring festival features athletic competitions, dramatic presentations, recitals and a feast on the Quad.



Classics Society Events are open to the Saint Anselm College Community.