Special Education M.Ed.
Offered as a Master's (M.Ed.) program

Whether you've just graduated, are working in the field, or returning to education, our Master's in Education (M.Ed.) with licensure in Special Education (ages 5-21) is the program for you. With several pathways, you can earn your master's or licensure at your own pace. You'll develop strong critical thinking skills to accommodate the needs of all students in the classroom. From elementary education to secondary education, in a general classroom or a special education setting, you'll be prepared with the tools and experience to succeed.


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Pathways to Earn M.Ed.

1. Fellowship

For those who are licensed and earned a Bachelor's degree in education and are interested in receiving free graduate program in exchange for teaching in a partnering district for a year while completing coursework. Fellows gain practical, clinical experience alongside their assigned district teacher.*

Please Note: Graduate housing is available.

*To participate in the Fellowship Program, students must be enrolled full-time.


2. Advanced

For those who are licensed and received a bachelor's degree in education and want to obtain a Master's degree in Education with licensure in special education or only want a license in special education.

Complete full-time or part-time.


3. Initial

For those who are not licensed but received a bachelor's degree and want to obtain a Master's degree in Education with licensure in special education or only want a license in special education.

Complete full-time or part-time.


4. Professional Development

For those interested in taking courses for professional development/CEUs. Up to two courses count towards the M.Ed.

Admission Timeline

December 1Application available.
February 15Deadline for submitting the graduate program application and supporting materials. There is a $65 application fee.
End of FebruaryDecision letters sent to applicants.
March 15Deadline for accepting offer of admission to the graduate program and enroll in summer session graduate courses.
MarchRegistration and meeting with the Director of Special Education.

For me, becoming a special education teacher was an opportunity to help others grow wherever they were starting from. Everyone has a gift, and everyone has something they're working on—as an educator, I wanted to help facilitate that growth in individuals.

— Laura Wasielewski, Ph.D., Professor, Director of Special Education Graduate Program
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Consultation and Collaboration with Families, Schools, and Communities

In this course, you'll learn effective collaboration approaches when developing a curriculum. There will be a focus on formulating a team-centered framework that provides academic support for various service delivery models, going beyond the classroom to improve students' learning experiences.

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Laura Wasielewski

For the past 20 years at Saint Anselm, Professor Wasielewski, Director of the Special Education Graduate Program, has made a significant impact on the Education Department.

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Learning Outcomes

The graduate program is designed to prepare educators to meet the needs of students with disabilities in multiple settings. After completing the Special Education Master’s Degree Program students will:

  1. Demonstrate an appropriate depth and breadth of understanding about the field of special education.
  2. Demonstrate critical thinking and ability to evaluate, understand, and communicate ideas and research.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of and ability to synthesize and apply research to problems of practice through skillful inquiry.

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For more information on the Special Education M.Ed. program, please contact Laura Wasielewski (603-656-6051), Director of Special Education Graduate Program.