Saint Anselm College has committed to full, campus-wide recycling by 2013. Please help us grow this program!

All recycling will be "single stream," which means that all recyclable materials can be put into a single container without sorting them by type of material.

Residence Halls

  • Where: Now available in all residence halls and all student apartments, with the exception of The Streets in Alumni Hall.
  • What: Almost all plastics, metal, paper and cardboards.
  • How: Collection bins or cans are in your rooms. Recyclables should be put in bags (preferably paper, but plastic if necessary) and brought to the nearest recycling dumpster.

Fine print: Bags are necessary to prevent recyclables from falling onto cars in parking lots. The College incurs financial penalties for trash in recycling bins. It is important to follow the single stream guidelines for recycling.

Dining Facilities

Davison Hall has recycling bins, with single stream recycling.

Academic and Administrative Buildings

All mixed paper (white, colored, shredded) placed in the large yellow bins will be recycled. In the library, all blue bins are routed to the yellow bins and recycled.

Coming soon: single-stream recycling for all academic and administrative buildings! Physical Plant has installed a recycling compactor behind the Daley building. By Fall 2013, they will begin daily pick-ups of recyclables (paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum, and most plastic) from public buildings. Recycling containers will be placed in each building for the convenience of faculty, staff, and students.

Swap-Shop for Office Supplies

The Environmental Stewardship Committee has set up a place where unwanted office supplies can be brought and shared.

It is located in Goulet Room 2201 (to the left of the lecture hall) on a bookshelf (with spillover onto the table). This is also the office of Sandra Provencher who supports this committee.

If you have something to contribute just drop it off or call Sandi at x7155 if you need it picked up.

If you need something, stop by to browse in Goulet Room 2201. The types of things that are generally available include: manila file folders (letter and legal size), hanging files (letter and legal size), 3-ring binders (all shapes, colors and sizes), desktop organizers, in-bins and step files.