What It Means To Be “Anselmian”

One of the most universally-celebrated aspects of the Saint Anselm College community is our commitment to “being Anselmian.” (Anselmian: of or relating to the scholastic philosopher Saint Anselm of Canterbury (1033-1109) the Patron Saint of Saint Anselm College.)  This concept encompasses the values and ethos of our community- Our commitment to faith, to service, to academic excellence, and to looking out for one another as a college “family.” Indeed, it is difficult to go a day on our campus without hearing the term “Anselmian.” An Anselmian is a  person who embodies the values of Saint Anselm College:  hospitality, stability, community, and conversatio.  While perhaps the term Anselmian means something slightly different to everyone, the word is universally acknowledged as being central to the core of what Saint Anselm College stands for.  In being “Anselmian,” our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends celebrate the lasting legacy of Saint Anselm of Canterbury- his service to God, to community, to intellectual pursuits, and to integrity.  This concept represents our fundamental respect for the dignity of all human persons and the spirit of Benedictine hospitality that permeates our campus. Being Anselmian is about both one’s actions in community- a commitment to justice, compassion, kindness, and truth- but also acknowledges that being a member of the Saint Anselm College community changes people for the better; bringing each one of us together in a shared and unified spirit illumined by faith seeking understanding. In the spirit of our patron, we are: Anselmian Always.