I am delighted to share Faith in the Future: Saint Anselm College Strategic Plan, which has developed from extensive study and thoughtful conversations over the past several years across our entire college community.

We began planning in 2014, as we celebrated Saint Anselm College's 125th anniversary. This was a fitting occasion for us to reflect deeply on our Catholic, Benedictine mission, principles, and heritage and to envision how we will sustain and extend the impact of an Anselmian education for our changing society.

In crafting Faith in the Future, we were guided by a fundamental premise: The world needs more Anselmians.

Educated according to centuries-proven Benedictine principles, our alumni and students are distinguished by their lives of meaning, leadership, and achievement.

  • In a world where ethical confusion gives rise to global crises, Anselmians act with character, personal authority, and integrity.
  • In a world where ideas are often shouted rather than discussed, Anselmians speak with insight, conviction, and civility.
  • In a world where differences and disputes engender violence and conflict, Anselmians bring empathy, faith, and reason.

Anselmians engage in our complex, globalized society with the cultural, linguistic, and historical competencies today's citizens need. They think critically, grow spiritually, and lead ethically, readily and creatively responding to the great challenges of our times. They are valued in their professions for deep knowledge, interdisciplinary thinking, global perspective, and effective communications-the hallmarks of liberally educated persons.

Faith in the Future charts a clear, strategic direction for Saint Anselm, built on an outstanding foundation of organizational strength and on our current success in negotiating a fiercely competitive, shifting higher education landscape. More importantly, it ensures our communities, professions, and businesses and organizations new generations of exceptionally  educated, talented, and engaged Anselmians.

The world needs more Anselmians. Faith in the Future demonstrates our common commitment to this purpose and to our students' promise and possibilities.

Steven R. DiSalvo, Ph.D.
President, Saint Anselm College