The Global Programs Portfolio Portal (VIATRM) allows students to investigate and search for specific types of programs. Utilizing a powerful filtering tool, you can search for programs in specific countries or locations, added opportunities such as volunteering or internships, specific areas of study, and virtual options. Start by creating your account here. Meet with your academic advisor and the Office of International Programs to fine tune your search process to find the best program for you!



Applying to study abroad is a two-part process. Students begin by creating a profile in the Global Programs Portal. Once approved by the OIP, students may then apply directly to their selected program on their provider website.

Once you’ve selected a program and begun the application process, you’ll need to get your courses approved. All courses taken abroad must be pre-approved by academic advisors, department chairs or the Registrar. In order for credits to transfer, students must achieve a “C” or better. Typically courses will transfer back to as 3-credits per course, with occasional exceptions depending on the type of course. It is important to note that grades do NOT transfer back, only credits.  

We have a growing list of previously approved core courses and subject courses from a wide array of programs and host universities. Stop by the office or email to request the most updated list of pre-approved courses to help with the selection process.