At Saint Anselm, you'll learn to analyze a situation from every angle, get your point across, and solve challenges.

They're essential skills that lead to success in any career.

And no matter what you study, you'll be ready to handle anything life has in store.

45 Majors. 52 Minors. Explore them all.

This is where things get interesting. At Saint Anselm, you can explore any number of subjects in-depth.

You can major in business and minor in English, impressing employers with your business savvy and communication skills. Or major in communication and minor in politics to become a press secretary.

The Outcomes
Because you'll have a foundation in writing and critical thinking skills, you'll be prepared for a variety of careers.

We know politics majors working in finance (meet Michaela Scott), and history majors employed by major news networks, including Fox News and Chicago Public Radio (meet Lauren Chooljian).

Read about some of our alumni working and attending graduate school in Spotlight on Alumni found on each of our Academic departments.

Find Your Direction

Your education doesn't end at the classroom door. Between study abroad, volunteering, and student activities, there's no limit to what you can do.

Want to practice your people skills? Join the campus activities board (CAB). Or get involved in new student orientation.

Undeclared? The good news is you're not alone. We have 21 advisors devoted to helping you find your direction.

And don't forget to visit the Career Development Center. Our team will help you explore your interests and guide you to the best opportunities. They'll prepare you for interviews and be the first to congratulate you on your first internship or job.

Student studying in Peru

Students Travel the World

Interested in studying art history in Florence or maybe languages in Spain? You can go abroad for a semester or just a week-long tour.

Students have traveled to Morocco, South Africa, and Spain, to name a few locations.

Previous week-long trips include: a trip to France with politics Professor Barbara Baudot, history focused trip to Vietnam, an international business course traveled to Panama, sociology course traveled to Peru, and business-related trips to China.

Student working together

On Campus Opportunities

Want to develop some leadership skills. Start a fundraiser, lead a program, or run for student government president.

Statue of Saint Anselm

Volunteering and Service-Learning

Last year, Anselmians volunteered more than 50,926 hours (!).

Some professors include volunteering as part of the course, aka service-learning. Students can volunteer at more than 40 sites doing everything from tutoring kids to fundraising to advocating for change.

Anselmians Volunteer Plain and Simple.
Service learning experiences enhance resumes and graduate school applications-demonstrating practical experience in the field and an ethical concern for the community. But it also helps others. You'll make connections and learn more about yourself.

Saint Anselm students performing

Arts and Theatre

You'll do more than study art: You'll create. You'll debate it.

You'll find it expressed in nearly every possible manner as you explore music, drama, and the visual arts.