At Saint Anselm College, your education extends way beyond the classroom.

To the rainforests of Belize or a hilltop city in Italy. To our greenhouse or computer lab. And then there's teaching high school students how to build their own computers (yeah, we do that) or trying your skills out  at an internship with a new, innovative technology company.

Our science, computer science, math and engineering curriculum is diverse. It's in-depth. And it gives you the necessary knowledge and latest ideas to get ahead.

Research, field trips, internships, service-learning help you develop the skills employers look for and graduate programs value.

And a foundation in the liberal arts means you'll be able to adapt to technology changes and even career changes. You'll make connections between science and philosophy that expand your mind. You'll have insight into how the world works and how you can make it better.

You'll bring your Saint Anselm experience with you to creatively solve problems and share ideas.

Graduate School or Career? Or Both?

No matter what you want to do next, we'll help you get there. Our professors are dedicated to your success. And your education will prepare you for medical school, dental school, or any other school.

Not sure whether graduate school is right for you? We have other opportunities. You'll find your direction.

Many of our science, math, and engineering graduates continue their education. But many work first and some work at the same time (Anselmians live for a challenge). View Spotlight on Alumni in each of the Academic departments to read about some of our alumni.

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  • Internships, Jobs, Graduate School


    Emily Dutile '14 was a computer science major who interned with Fidelity for two years as an undergrad. So it's not surprising that she had a job lined up with the company before she even graduated.

    Your courses give you knowledge and innovative thinking. Your liberal arts education gives you a solid foundation. An internship gives you a competitive edge.

    We don't require internships but we recommend them. Our close proximity to innovative technology companies (think DEKA), laboraties, and medical centers  mean you can explore an industry and build your professional network without even leaving the city of Manchester.

    You can even apply for one of our internship scholarships to get paid while working.

    Recent Internship Sites (to name a few):  
    BAE Systems Elliot Hospital Phlebotomy Laboratory
    Bedford Animal Hospital Emergency Department, New England Medical Center
    DEKA NH State Police Forensic Laboratory
    DYN NH Department of Environmental Services
    Fidelity Investments NH Public Health Laboratories


    There are a all kinds of career paths for students in the sciences and math. Our recent graduates are working in fields from research to finance to healthcare

    Recent Employers include:  
    Abcam, Inc., lab logistics technician KIVA, senior services engineer
    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Ctr., clinical research assistant MarketReach, Inc., Web developer
    Brigham & Women's Hospital, researcher Meditech, application specialist
    CGI Business Solutions, retirement planning representative Next Step Living, home energy advisor, Web developer Oak Middle School, math teacher
    Dana Farber Cancer Institute, lab tech Phoenix Environmental Laboratories
    DEKA, multiple engineering positions Raytheon, engineer
    Gravel & Shea PC, litigation technology assistant Smart Destinations, Inc., operations manager
    Fallon Ambulance Service, EMT Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, physical therapy aide
    Fidelity Investments, multiple positions Tufts Medical Center, practice coordinator

    Still want to know more? Check out our alumni outcomes in Spotlight on Alumni in each of the Academic departments.

    Graduate School

    The experience you'll gain at Saint Anselm will give you the skills and insight for whatever comes next including graduate school.

    You'll do undergraduate research. You'll complete an internship. And when you're ready for the next step into graduate school (or medical school, any school really), you will find the help you need.

    You'll find Anselmians continuing their education at schools all around the country.

    Recent Colleges/Universities include:  
    Clemson University Rensseleaer Polytechnic Institute
    College of William & Mary Sacred Heart University
    Dartmouth College Tufts University
    Iowa State University University of Central Florida
    MCPHS University of Connecticut
    Northeasterm University University of Florida
    Nova Southeastern University University of Notre Dame
    Princeton University Yale University

    Pre-Professional Programs

    If you already know you want to apply to medical school or dental school or any other health care graduate program then check out our Pre-Med or Pre-Dental Program. Or learn about our articulation agreements with schools like Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

    ESTEEM Program

    Attend the University of Notre Dame through our partnership program. You can earn a master's in entrepreneurship that combines technical innovation and business. Check it out.

    Anselmian Stephen Gaudet '11 did that and now he works in the software engineering department of Raytheon. He spends most of his time testing sites in Utah and New Mexico. Read more »

  • Research & Hands-On Learning

    There's no reason to wait until graduate school or your first job to do real science. Start early and you'll be a step ahead.

    Our students are advancing scientific thinking and pushing toward breakthroughs. They're even getting their names in scientific literature as co-authors and conference presenters.

    Endless Opportunities

    You can study sea slugs in biology or Roman coins in chemistry or lasers in physics. There's so many opportunities for independent and directed hands-on research, working one-on-one with our professors or you can help them with their research!

    And that's not all, each department has its own opportunities. Check out the options below or contact the department chair to learn more:

    Current Faculty Research

    • A model for understanding the development of human cancers
    • The relationship between body mass index and age-related eye disease
    • Seasonal migration of wild brook trout
    • Physical activity's effects on appetite
    • Forest mapping with remote sensing technology
  • Student Opportunities

    Travel the World

    If you want hands-on learning, then you've come to right place. Interested in studying tropical biology in Belize? Or maybe you want to date coins from Ancient Rome?

    Tropical Field Study in Belize

    Learn about the tropics up-close-and-personal in Belize. Through this summer course you'll travel the country, studying the rainforest, savannah, and coral reef. And yes, there'll be scuba diving!

    See the course description.

    Archaeological Dig in Italy

    If you don't mind getting your hands dirty, our annual dig in Italy will give you a new perspective on chemistry. In addition to learning about archaeology, you'll use tools and chemistry to date artifacts. You might even get published for your work.

    Anselmian Kristen Frano '12 found her passion for using science to study art and cultural objects from our dig. Now at the College of William & Mary, she's studying art samples from oil paintings at the Colonial Williamsburg museum. Read her story.

    Study Abroad

    Study marine biology at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia through our study abroad program. Right now students are in Morocco, South Africa, and Spain. Read about their travels.

    On Campus Opportunities

    Want to get involved? Develop some leadership skills? Meet alumni working in the field?

    Saint Anselm Emergency Medical Service

    Join our very own Saint Anselm College Emergency Medical Services team. You'll have to get certified but then you'll provide first-response emergency medical care to students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

    Our team was even recognized by the Department of Safety (classic Anselmians).

    We have more than 60 clubs and organizations but here are a few you might be interested in:

    Clubs & Organizations  
    Alphi Phi Omega Green Team
    Beta Beta Beta HawkNet
    Chemistry Club Probe & Scalpel Society
    Gaming Association Rescue Club

    See even more student life on Twitter @AnselmianFun and @SaintAnselm

    Volunteering and Service-Learning

    Last year, Anselmians volunteered more than 50,926 hours!

    Some professors include volunteering as part of the course, aka service-learning. Students can volunteer at more than 40 sites doing everything from tutoring kids to building computers to biodiversity mapping.

    Service learning experiences enhance resumes and graduate school applications-demonstrating practical experience in the field and an ethical concern for the community. But it also helps others. You'll make connections and learn more about yourself. Check out our volunteering center's blog to read about opportunities.

    Or you can get involved through Campus Ministry. Follow @STA_CampusMin or check out #SACSBA to see our latest coverage of service trips during spring break.