Every year at graduation, the History Department presents its senior History Major award to the student who has achieved academic excellence in the major, shown a deep interest in multiple fields of history, and engaged in thoughtful discussion of history both within and outside the classroom. 

Recipients who have been featured on the History Department Blog One Thing After Another contain links to their respective blog posts to learn more about them!

History Award Years and Recipients

Year Recipient
2018 Lily-Gre Hitchen
2017 Michael Schmidt
2016 Kristen Van Uden
2015 Peter Schirripa
2014 Justin Eckilson
2013 Adam Rines
2012 Michael Filitis
2011 Stephen Shorey
2010 James Savage
2009 Joshua Elliott-Traficante
2008 Brandon Rush
2007 Rebekah Joseph
2006 Gina Rotondi
2005 Edward C. Howland and Aine A. O'Mahoney
2004 Douglas J. Cooper
2003 Claire V. Murray
2002 Heather R. Stone and Kristen J. Strasnick
2001 Laurel C. Clemence-Schreiner
2000 Emily R. Quartararo