Global Seminars are short-term courses that are led by Saint Anselm faculty in the spring or summer. Those offered during the spring semester combine classroom instruction throughout the semester and an international component in January, spring break, or May. The international component enables you to learn firsthand about the content you have learned in the classroom.

Global Seminars that run during summer school depart during the the first week of summer school's first session and vary in length.

Spring Semester 2019

NU449: Community & Public Health Nursing Clinical in Costa Rica

  • Faculty Director: Pamela Preston, Nursing Department
  • Class will meet during the spring 2019 semester; international clinical travel to Costa Rica March 2 - 10, 2019

Advanced Spanish Immersion

  • Faculty Director: Professor Elizabeth Fouts, Modern Languages & Literature Department - Spanish
  • Program Dates: May 22 - June 22, 2019

PH212 Medieval Philosophy

  • Faculty Director: Professor Bob Anderson & Professor Josh Tepley, Philosophy Department
  • Class will meet during the spring 2020 semester; international travel to the Netherlands March 2020

If you have questions, please contact the faculty director for each program. Additional information about each program and applications can be found by searching the Study Abroad Program Map.

Summer 2019

Excavation at Castel Viscardo, Italy

  • Faculty Director: Professor David George, Classics Department
  • Dates: TBD

Course Information

  • NU449: Community & Public Health Nursing Clinical in Costa Rica
    • Course Dates: March 2 - 10, 2019 plus spring semester class
    • Application & Deposit Deadline: October 17, 2018
    • Program Fee: $2,510 (plus airfare)
    • Faculty Director: Professor Pamela Preston DNP, RN

    Are you a nursing major and always wanted the opportunity to study abroad? Now is your chance! All rising seniors (class of 2020) can elect to complete the clinic component of NU449 Community/Public Health in Costa Rica in March 2019. If you elect to complete your clinical abroad you will be enrolled in NU 449 during the spring 2019 semester.

    The focus of this course is community and public health nursing. In class, you will explore the role of the nurse in health promotion and disease prevention in the global theater. The concepts of epidemiology, communicable disease, environmental health, and disaster relief will be discussed. Public health issues such as the global health care environment and work with vulnerable populations will be explored. Socio-cultural influences on health such as immigration, health care access and cost will be addressed from national and global perspectives. Course content will incorporate economic, legal, and ethical perspectives. Clinical placement in Costa Rica will incorporate the concepts addressed in the course and more specifically those related to global health. You will have the ability to provide care to a socioeconomically diverse group and develop cultural competence, awareness and knowledge. You will be assist at clinics in urban communities, urban shanty communities and perform home visits with the local nursing staff.

    Although prior knowledge of Spanish is helpful it is not required. Throughout the duration of the program interpreters will be accompanying the group.

    NU449 will fulfill the global engagement core requirement.

    Important Note: Students need to meet progression requirements, as detailed in the Department of Nursing Handbook, in order to take part in this program. If you do not progress as required you will not be able to travel to Costa Rica and we will not be able to refund any unrecoverable costs associated with the program.

    What's included in the program fee:

    • Group airport pick up and drop office in Costa Rica
    • On-site orientation
    • ISL staff and program support
    • Educational seminars
    • Most meals
    • Accommodations
    • Cultural activities and excursions
    • International health and travel insurance

    What's not included:

    • Airfare: $750 (estimate) - the Office of International Programs will book a group flight and bill students for the actual cost of the flight.
    • Passport fee: $185
    • Spending money

    Payment Schedule:

    • $500 deposit due with application by October 17, 2018
    • November 15 - balance due
  • Advanced Healthcare Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica
    • Course Dates: May 22 - June 22, 2019
    • Application & Deposit Deadline: February 15, 2019
    • Program Fee: $5,350 (plus airfare)
    • Faculty Director: Professor Elizabeth Fouts

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    The purpose of this program is to provide an immersive study abroad program for students majoring or minoring in Spanish including the Spanish minor for nursing majors. The program consists of two courses: a conversation course and a four week internship in San Jose, Costa Rica.
    SP 372 ST Advanced Spanish Immersion (4 credits): Designed to be taught over the course of a six-week period, this intense, hybrid conversation course begins one week prior to the study abroad experience. Students will prepare for their Spanish internship by learning pertinent vocabulary, interview techniques as well as reviewing cultural facts, figures, and statistics designed to prepare them for the immersion experience. Once in the study abroad location, students continue to acquire communication techniques while applying their conversational skills with daily assignments.
    SP480 Spanish Internship (4 credits): International Studies Abroad will provide students with internship placement and follow-up tracking for the four-week internship experience. Potential internship sites include the following sites:

    • Cancer Support Center: This non-profit organization is dedicated to the prevention of cancer, providing treatment, and supporting patients and their families. Participants may be able to assist in receiving patients and writing and maintaining patient records. Observe supportive therapies developed by the center's psychologists, or assist with educational workshops and presentations to raise cancer awareness.
    • Children's Hospital: This hospital treats children with a vast array of medical conditions including burns, cancer, acute conditions, premature birth, and more. Visit and read to children in the various wards. Assist volunteer staff at the hospital with the duties of the ward and boost morale of the patients through story-telling, arts and crafts projects and games.
    • HIV Non-Profit Organization: Provide workshops and educational talks to the public, conduct research and provide emotional support for patients affected by HIV, AIDS and/or STIs. Assist the organization in strengthening their prevention efforts and contributing to a better quality of life for patients.
    • Senior Citizens' Home: San José's senior citizens gather at the senior citizens' home to socialize and participate in recreational activities. Plan activities, organize games, read and talk with them, teach dance or aerobics classes and assist with everyday activities. This placement is ideal for practicing Spanish language skills and learning about Costa Rican history.
    • Special Education Center: This center empowers visually-impaired, hearing-impaired, intellectually disabled and other disabled individuals to live independently by providing counseling and physical, speech and occupational therapy in addition to music, art and physical education. Students at the center also receive dietary guidance and medical care. Become actively involved in the community by aiding educational or creative instruction, assisting in the dining area, and coordinating recreational activities.

    Eligibility: Open to students who have completed SP300 Spanish IV with approval from Professor Fouts. Nursing majors who have completed SP300 Spanish IV and one other advanced Spanish course.

    Transportation: A group flight will be arranged through the Office of International Programs. The international flight cost is not included in the program fee. In country transportation will be on coach buses for excursions and local buses when traveling to your internship site.
    Housing: Students will be able to experience the unique culture of San José by living with host families while on the program. In addition to having an opportunity to be immersed in the Spanish language, participants will observe and experience aspects of the Costa Rican lifestyle that are inaccessible to most visitors. The homes are located throughout the city within walking distance or via local bus, 10-45 minutes from where classes will be held. Most of our families are made up of individuals who do not speak English. Some of the households do have English-speaking members, and all are experienced in hosting participants with all levels of Spanish.

    Program Costs:

    • $5,350
    • Airfare (individual estimate to/from BOS) $750
    • Meals: two meals per day are included in the program fee; $50 per week is recommended for additional meals
    • Estimate Incidentals: $100 per week (bus fair, snacks, and recreation activities)

    What's included in the program fee:

    • 2 courses: SP372 ST and SP480
    • 4-week internship with local community partners
    • Guest lecture: Costa Rican History and Culture
    • Group airport pick up and drop office in Costa Rica
    • Welcome and on-site orientation
    • Most meals
    • Accommodations
    • Public transportation stipend for travel to internship assignments
    • Cultural activities and excursions
    • International health and travel insurance

    What's not included:

    • Airfare: $750 (estimate)
    • Passport fee: $185
    • Spending money

    Payment Schedule:
    $500 deposit due with application by February 15, 2019
    April 15: balance of program costs

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  • Medieval Philosophy in the Netherlands
    • Course Dates: March 2020 plus spring semester course
    • Application & Deposit Deadline: TBD
    • Program Fee: $TBD (plus airfare)
    • Faculty Directors: Professors Bob Anderson & Josh Tepley

    PH212 Medieval Philosophy is a survey of the major medieval thinkers from Augustine and Anselm to Thomas Aquinas and others. As part of this class you have the opportunity to travel to Nijmegen, Netherlands, home to Radboud University. Throughout the semester, the class will collaborate with Professor Paul Bakker's Medieval Philosophy course at Radboud University. The two courses will be linked online and require students in both classes to engage in philosophical discussion in conjunction with reading assignments and assigned questions.

    During spring break you have the opportunity to study medieval philosophy and its backdrop (the European medieval world) for 10 days in Nijmegen, Netherlands. You will travel to Nijmegen to meet the Radboud University students face-to-face. You will stay in historic Nijmegen, engage in philosophy seminar discussions with the Dutch students, visit museums and medieval sites in the Netherlands and Germany together with your Dutch counterparts, interact socially with your Dutch classmates, and explore Dutch culture by bicycle and train.

    Cultural activities include:

    • Museum Catharijneconvent
    • Noord-Brabants Museum
    • Saint-John's cathedral
    • Soeterbeeck Medieval Collection at the Nijmegen Library
    • Church of Sankt Nikolai
    • Archaeological Park of Xanten
    • Kröller-Müller museum in the national park De Hoge Veluwe
    • Rijksmuseum
    • Anne Frank House
    • Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder ("Our Lord in the Attic") Museum

    Eligibility: Students enrolled in PH212 in addition to philosophy and great books majors and minors who  already have taken (or in the future will take) PH212 or PH272.

    Transportation: The Office of International Programs will book a group flight for all program participants. The cost of the international flight is not included in the program fee and is expected to be approximately $800. In country transportation will be on trains and coach buses for excursions.

    Housing: Students will stay in a hostel in the central part of Nijmegan and Amsterdam.

    Program Costs:

    •     TBD
    •     Airfare: $800 (estimate; round-trip from Boston)

    What's included in the program fee:

    •     Transportation to/from Amsterdam airport
    •     Some meals
    •     Accommodations
    •     Cultural Activities
    •     International health and travel insurance

    What's not included in program fee:

    •     Airfare: $800 (estimate)
    •     Passport fee: $185
    •     Most meals: $275 (estimate)
    •     Spending money

    Payment Schedule:

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