• Course dates: May 21 - June 1, 2019
  • Application & deposit ($750) deadline: January 30, 2019
  • Estimated course fees*: $2,270 - $3,075 (depending on # of students enrolled)
  • Prerequisites: 1 semester biology lab, completion of the spring course Tropical Biology (BI221) and permission to register by instructor

*Not included: summer tuition ($795) and airfare. 

BI 222: Field Studies in Tropical Biology

Tropical Biology (BI 221) and Field Studies in Tropical Biology (BI 222) constitute a four-credit, two-course sequence that introduces students to the biological complexity of tropical ecosystems. BI 221 is a 2-credit course offered during spring semester (odd years) that examines the fundamental scientific concepts and theories that describe tropical systems. Course work will cover a variety of topics, including the natural history of tropical biota, patterns of species diversity, rainforest ecology and conservation, coral reef ecology, and Belizean history and culture. BI 222 is a 2-credit course offered in the summer (odd years) that complements the understanding of tropical biology students have gained in the classroom by providing a hands-on field experiences in the ecologically diverse Central American country of Belize. Throughout the trip, Saint Anselm faculty (Dr. Eric Berry and Dr. Lori LaPlante) and local experts will lead field exercises in two of the most species-rich ecosystems on the planet, the neo-tropical rainforest and coral reef. With its emphasis on Belizean ecosystems and travel within the country, this course provides students a unique opportunity to learn about and then experience the ecology and culture of a different country.

Watch a short video from previous classes in the rain forest or out on the coral reef. See pictures at our Facebook site.

Note to Biology majors: completion of both BI221 and BI222 are necessary to count as one of your major elective laboratory courses.


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  • Trip Includes
    • Saint Anselm College summer tuition (2 credits)
    • 1 evening at the Belize Zoo
    • 4 days of rainforest field studies in Bocawaina Rainforest
    • 5 days of coral reef field studies at Tobacco Caye Marine Station
    • 1 night accommodation at a hotel in Belize City
    • All housing, ground transfers, and most meals in Belize
    • The expertise of Saint Anselm College faculty Dr. Eric Berry and Dr. Lori LaPlante
  • Participation & Information on Belize
    • This course is open to all majors
    • Participation is limited to 12 students, priority is given to students who completed BI221
    • A $750 deposit (nonrefundable) is due with application. The deposit will be credited against course fees.
    • For information on immunizations for Belize, visit the Center for Disease Control Website.
    • Additional supplies/gear will be required for the course. Review the packing list (PDF/119 KB) for details.
  • Applying & Financial Aid

    To apply, contact either of the faculty instructors.

    You may be able to use money from your financial aid package toward this course. Contact the Office of Financial Aid.

  • Other points to consider
    • Course costs are estimated to be $2,270 - $3,075 (plus tuition and airfare). Includes housing, ground transfers, and most meals in Belize. The final cost will depend on the number of students enrolled and price of airfare (5 students enrolled = $3,075, 12 students enrolled = $2,270).
    • Equipment costs. To travel and study safely in the tropics requires certain specialized clothing and equipment. Download the class packing list (PDF/119KB) to preview these items. More information on packing advice and restrictions will be provided during a mandatory class orientation/informational meeting during the Spring semester.
    • Participation is limited to 12 students per year. Students enrolled in the course will have their deposit credited toward course fees.
    • Cancellation Policy: If for any reason a student chooses to withdraw from this course, notification must be submitted in writing to the instructor(s) and must include the reason for requesting withdrawal. Verbal statements of withdrawal will not be considered as notification of withdrawal; therefore the student will still be considered a participant until written notification is received by the instructor(s). Availability for refund will be based on the date of written notification for withdrawal.

    If a student withdraws from the summer program less than 30 days prior to the program's start, we cannot guarantee the refund of any expenses. In the event that extreme circumstances during the 30 days prior to the start of the course cause the student to withdraw, we will review the situation on a case-by-case basis. At the discretion of the instructors, any funds that are recoverable and uncommitted may be refunded.

    Under no circumstances can any refund requests be considered for students who have completed the course or who have been sent home early from the course. Furthermore, at no time can the instructor(s) refund charges that are not recoverable and have been committed on the student's behalf.