Students who have graduated from accredited associate degree nursing programs will be considered for admission to theĀ  RN to BSN Program.

Applicants must hold a current registered nurse license. If the applicant has not worked in the role of a registered nurse within the last five years, a competency lab and medication/math exam will be scheduled and must be passed with a score of 90 percent or higher.

At this time the RN to BSN program is not accepting applications for admission.

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  • Course Requirements

    To earn a BSN degree from Saint Anselm College, the RN to BSN student must complete 120 credits through transfer credits, challenge exams (CLEP), and Saint Anselm courses.  Students must receive a "C" or higher in all transferred courses or the equivalent in challenge exams (CLEP).  A minimum of 42 credits, including 33 nursing credits, must be achieved at Saint Anselm College.


    • English Composition I and II, or equivalent
    • Anatomy and Physiology I and II, with lab
    • Microbiology
    • Psychology

    Major Requirements (may be taken in any order)

    • NURN 375 Health Economics and Policy (4 credits)
    • NURN 451 Leadership and Management in Professional Nursing (4 credits)
    • NURN 452 Health Assessment (4 credits)
    • NURN 454 Community Health (4 credits)
    • NURN 455 Evidence-Based Nursing Research (4 credits)
    • NURN 456 Nursing Informatics (4 credits)
    • NURN 457 Nursing Capstone Practicum (6 credits)
    • Elective (3 credits): NURN 360 Understanding Suffering, NURN 362 PTSD and Implications for Nursing Practice, NURN 363 Transcultural Nursing

    Core Requirements

    • PHRN XXX Philosophy Elective (3 credits) - may transfer
    • SORN 212 Social Statistics (3 credits) - may transfer
    • THRN XXX Theology Elective (3 credits) - may transfer
    • HURN 310 Humanities (3 credits) - may transfer from any course in the humanities including language, literature, art (including music), philosophy, religion, and history
    • PHRN 107 Ethics (3 credits) - may transfer
    • THRN 425 Medical Ethics for RN to BSN Students (3 credits) - must be taken at Saint Anselm College

    *may transfer up to three of the above

  • Technical Requirements

    Technical Requirements for Online Learning

    • Any newer laptop or desktop running Windows 7/Mac OSX 10.6 or higher should be more than enough
    • Speakers (headset with microphone recommended)
    • DSL internet connection or higher
    • Web browser - Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 11 or higher, Safari, or Google Chrome (Firefox strongly recommended)
    • Additional Software or Plug-ins:
      • Microsoft Office 2007 or higher / OpenOffice (free alternative)

    Assistance and support

    There are various ways to seek technical assistance through the Office of Information Technology:

    • Via telephone: (603) 222-4295: Staff is available during the Institute's regular hours of operation.
    • Via email:  We will respond as quickly as possible when staff is in the office as per the Institute's Regular Hours of Operation.

    We will support issues related to using our online learning courses only. If your computer or Internet connection is malfunctioning, please contact the appropriate support resource through your vendor.

  • Computer Literacy Self-Assessment

    A critical factor in online learning success is computer literacy.  Students should possess basic computer skills and be able to communicate effectively using various technology tools.  This Self-Assessment Guide is designed to help you determine if you will need additional technology training or practice to meet the computer literacy requirements of our blended program.

    1. I know how to turn on, shut down, and reboot my computer.
    2. I know how to use a mouse to drag and drop items.
    3. I know how to create folders to manage and organize my computer files.
    4. I know how to open multiple programs on my computer and move between them.
    5. I know how to create, edit, and save a Word/PPT document.
    6. I know how to format a Word/PPT document using font, alignment, bold/italic/underline, margins, etc.
    7. I know how to copy, cut, paste content in Word/PPT.
    8. I know how to insert images and tables in a Word/PPT document
    9. I know how to use spell checker in a Word/PPT document.
    10. I know how to connect to and surf the Internet.
    11. I know how to download, open, and save files from the Internet.
    12. I know how to search the Internet using a search engine such as Google, Yahoo.
    13. I know how to use email to send and receive messages.
    14. I know how to send and receive emails with attachments.
    15. I know how to use an online chat program such as Skype, MSN Messenger.
    • If you responded "yes" to all of these statements, you meet the basic computer literacy requirements for our blended program.
    • If you responded "no" to any of these statements, you will need to seek training on the required computer literacy skills.