Institutional scholarships and grants come as gifts from the College.   To apply for need-based Saint Anselm, state or federal grant aid, students must complete the FAFSA.  Other resources come from private, outside sources.  Scholarship and grant aid does not need to be repaid.

Saint Anselm offers many scholarships and awards that are based on your academic achievement, demonstrated leadership skills, or other criteria. You will be considered for these renewable scholarships based on your admission application and, in some cases, your financial aid application. 

College Policy Concerning Merit or Non-Need-Based Awards

  • Scholarship and grant offers may not exceed the cost of tuition
  • Your scholarship/grant will be incorporated into your total need-based financial aid package, not offered in addition to it. Non-need-based aid will become a part of your need-based offer if you apply for need-based aid, according to institutional parameters.
  • All scholarships, grants, and other non-need-based awards will be renewable annually provided you maintain the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) at Saint Anselm College and/or other criteria designated by each program.
  • All merit and non-need-based awards will be offered for a maximum of four years (8 semesters).

*The scholarship/grant information on this page is for incoming 2023-24 students. Your offered amount may be different depending on your year of entry. See your Anselmian Aid financial aid portal accessed via MyAnselm for your specific aid offer. 

Merit Scholarships & Grants

    Merit aid is offered by the Office of Admission, in the form of scholarships and grants, to students who display exemplary academic credentials. An admitted student's decision letter will display any merit aid and minimum GPA requirements for their particular award. Merit awards range from $16,000-$30,000 annually.

    Non-Need-Based Institutional Grants

    Non-need-based grants are offered to students who meet the necessary eligibility qualifications. A student who meets the qualifications for multiple grants may be able to stack grant amounts, up to $6,000 total.

    • Bradley New Hampshire Catholic High School Grant - up to $6,000

      Eligibility: Students who graduate from any of the six Catholic high schools in New Hampshire

      • Bishop Brady High School
      • Bishop Guertin High School
      • Holy Family Academy
      • Mount Royal Academy
      • Saint Thomas Aquinas High School
      • Trinity High School

      Grant Amount: up to $6,000* per year

      *Students at partnering high schools may be eligible for an additional $2,500 Partnership Grant. Some restrictions apply.

      Minimum Saint Anselm CGPA for Grant Renewal: 2.0

    • Abbot Dolan OSB Catholic High School Grant - up to $3,000

      Eligibility: Students who graduate from any Catholic high school outside of New Hampshire

      Grant Amount: up to $3,000 per year.

      Minimum Saint Anselm CGPA for Grant Renewal: 2.0

    • Legacy Grant - up to $3,000

      Eligibility: Dependent student with at least one parent who graduated from Saint Anselm College

      Grant Amount: up to $3,000 per year

      Minimum Saint Anselm CGPA for Grant Renewal: 2.0

    • Family Grant - up to $4,000

      Eligibility: Student whose sibling(s) concurrently enroll as full-time Saint Anselm students

      Grant Amount: up to $4,000 per matriculated student

      Minimum Saint Anselm CGPA for Grant Renewal: 2.0

    • Endowed and Corporate Partners Scholarships

      Saint Anselm has received many gifts for scholarship assistance from alumni, corporations, and friends of the College. Students receive these need-based scholarships based on academics, leadership, and other criteria. There is no separate application, as they are awarded to students as part of their need-based financial aid package.

    State and Federal Grants

    • Federal Pell Grants - $692 to $6,895

      The Federal Pell Grant is gift assistance for undergraduate students and does not need to be repaid. The U.S. Department of Education determines a student's eligibility for this grant each year after the student completes the FAFSA. The Federal Pell Grant Program provides grants directly from the federal government in amounts ranging from $692 to $6,895 for 2022-23, depending upon the financial circumstances of each family.

    • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) - $200 to $4,000

      FSEOG is gift assistance that does not need to be repaid. Federal regulations mandate that students with exceptional need receive this grant and priority is given to Pell Grant recipients. Award amounts vary from year to year based on federal funding and the number of eligible applicants. Awards range from $200 to $4,000.

    • New Hampshire Governor's Scholarship (New Hampshire residents)

      This scholarship was designed to provide financial assistance to Federal Pell Grant-eligible high school graduates or recent high school graduates attending a post-secondary educational or training program of their choice within the state of New Hampshire. The program provides scholarships which a recipient may apply to the tuition, fees, and direct costs of an education at a participating postsecondary institution. Any Federal Pell Grant-eligible student who earns the New Hampshire scholar designation shall be eligible for a scholarship award of $2,000 per year for up to four years. All other Federal Pell Grant-eligible students shall be eligible for a scholarship award of $1,000 per year for up to four years. Due to limited funding for this award, there is a possibility that funding may not be available for all eligible students.

      Learn more about the New Hampshire Governor's Scholarship »

    • State Grants and Scholarships Outside New Hampshire

      Very few state grants are portable from a student's home state. Historically, Vermont has awarded grants to Saint Anselm students. Check with your home state about eligibility and deadlines. Once we are notified of award amount and student eligibility is certified, the state grant will be added to the student's financial resources.

    Apply early in the cycle. Most scholarship applications are due by May 1 or earlier for the following fall semester. Note: We do not endorse any particular scholarship program but offer these as a place to begin your search.

    Scholarship Name Website Address
    College Board Scholarship Search
    FastWeb (Financial Aid Search Through the Web)
    New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
    Hispanic Scholarship Fund
    Dollars for Scholars
    Scholar Aid
    American Educational Guidance Center

    Saint Anselm College is a collegiate matching partner in the Dollars for Scholars (Citizen's Scholarship Foundation of America) Program. We will match up to $1,000 of your Dollars for Scholars Scholarship provided you complete and send us the Matching Grant Form. The College will follow the Dollars for Scholars guidelines of eliminating unmet need, loan and work before adjusting grant aid.

    Don’t forget to check school and local libraries, local business and civic organizations, parishes, and parents’ employers for scholarship applications. In addition, Saint Anselm College posts scholarship opportunities on the bulletin board outside the Office of Financial Aid.

    Please note, many websites search for college-specific scholarships. In your search, you may receive a list of many of Saint Anselm College’s endowed scholarships. It will ask students to contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information. There is no separate application for Saint Anselm College endowed scholarships with the exception of a few for which students must be nominated by faculty and administration to receive. In general, these are restricted, need-based resources that we use to fund appropriate candidates.

    Do not pay anyone who claims to be holding a scholarship for you. If you have to pay to claim it, it is probably a scam.

    The Federal Trade Commission cautions that perpetrators of financial aid fraud often use these telltale lines:

    • The scholarship is guaranteed or your money back
    • You can't get this information anywhere else
    • I just need your credit card or bank account number to hold this scholarship
    • We'll do all the work
    • The scholarship will cost some money
    • You've been selected by a "national foundation" to receive a scholarship or "You're a finalist," in a contest you never entered

    To file a complaint, or for free information, students or parents should visit

    Leveraging Scholarships to Reduce Reliance on Student Loans - a presentation by ECMC, a partner in educating students regarding money management, student loans, and student debt.