Every student who applies to Saint Anselm College has a different story to tell. We take an individualized, holistic approach to reviewing each piece of every application. When evaluating an application we will look at the following admission documents:

  • High School Transcript(s)
  • Activities, Part-Time Employment, Community Service & Leadership
  • Personal Statement
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Test Scores (not required unless applying as a homeschool student or for the nursing program)

High School Transcript
The high school transcript is the most important part of your application. When we evaluate a transcript, we will look at the strength of curriculum, individual course grades, overall GPA and class rank (if available and provided). Below are the academic requirements for admission.

  • Four Years of English
  • Three or more years of a laboratory science
  • Three or more years of mathematics
  • Two or more years of social science and additional credit electives
  • Two years of the same foreign language; however, it is recommended that you pursue as many additional years of the same language as possible.

The Office of Admission will recalculate your grade point average. This will allow us to review each application fairly. Grades in each core subject area will be used in the recalculation. In addition to those courses, we will recalculate religion courses and elective courses taken at an advanced level (AP or IB).

If class rank is provided, it will be used in the review process. Many schools do not report high school rank and therefore, your application will not be penalized if this information is not provided.

Activities & Leadership
In addition to evaluating who you are as a student, we want to see who you are outside of the classroom. An evaluation of your involvement is an important part of the application review process. When we are looking at your list of involvement, we are looking to better understand who you are as a person what kind of impact you will have on our campus. Your involvement is not limited to clubs and organizations within your school. We want to see involvement outside of school as well. This may include: part-time employment, volunteer work, involvement with your church, community service or family responsibilities and commitments.

Personal Statement/College Essay
The Common Application requires you to complete a personal statement. You may select any of the prompts that are provided for you. When we are evaluating your essay, we want to learn more about you. This is your time to share something with us that we may not be able to see in other pieces of your application. In addition to learning about you, we are also reviewing your writing ability. The ability to express yourself in the written word is incredibly important at our school. When writing your essay, make sure that it is written to the best of your ability.

Letters of Recommendation
Letters of recommendation are an important part of our holistic review process. When reading letters from a teacher and/or guidance counselor we are able to learn a little more about you. It is important for us to hear from your guidance counselor and your teacher to better understand who you are as a student and as a person. A guidance counselor often provides important information relating to your experiences in high school and your academic career. If special circumstances had an impact on your academic performance, your guidance or teacher recommendation may help to share this information with us.

Saint Anselm College also welcomes recommendation letters from your parents or guardians. President DiSalvo welcomes each parent to write a letter about their son or daughter. This recommendation is a great way for us to learn more about you. The parent letter is not an admission requirement. If a parent letter is not submitted, it will not impact your application.

Test Scores

Saint Anselm College is test optional for all students except homeschool and those applying for the nursing program. Applicants may elect to have their test scores reviewed with their application. Not submitting their scores will not negatively impact the student’s application.  Please note that official test scores (if available) will be required for each student upon enrollment.  Test scores may be used for academic advisement purposes.

Applicants may submit self-reported test scores for use during the admission process. Self-reported scores can come directly from the Common Application or a student can send us a scanned PDF copy of their student score report. We will not accept self-reported scores in an email from the student unless the email includes the students’ score report as indicated above.

For both the SAT or ACT exam, we suggest that students take the optional essay/writing section. The essay/writing portion of the SAT is not an admission requirement. We will super-score the SAT and ACT exams.

SAT and ACT test dates prior to November 15th will release results in time for scores to be considered with early action or early decision applications. If students are applying regular decision, test dates through December 15th will provide results in time for scores to be considered with their application.

If you have any questions about the admission review process, please contact the Office of Admission.