Frequently asked questions about forms and the services available at the Office of Health Services.

The student cannot get another physical exam within the same year because of their medical insurance. Can they send in last year’s physical? 


What does the student do if he or she cannot get an appointment for a physical exam/immunizations until after the due date for all of the required Health Forms? 

Send in last year’s physical exam with immunizations and when the student goes for their appointment, the student can bring in the new physical with any updated immunizations to Health Services, or have their doctor’s office fax them to us at (603) 641-7318. 

Does Health Services offer flu vaccine? 

Yes. We have a flu clinic in October and the Saint Anselm community is notified through e-mail and posters throughout the campus. 

What does the Student Accident and Health Insurance plan cover? 

Please call Gallagher Student Health 1-833-255-0741 with any questions you may have regarding the school insurance. 

Can the student get medical labs done at Health Service? 


Is there a cost for medical labs? 

Yes. All throat cultures or blood tests that have to be sent to Quest Diagnostic Lab incur a fee. 

If the student needs to get regular labs because of certain medications is that possible? 

Yes, but a standing order from the student’s primary physician/PA or nurse practitioner will be needed or the student will have to bring one in every time in order for the nurse to do the labs. 

If the student receives allergy injections, can they receive them at Health Services, and if so, is there a fee? 

Yes, they can receive their allergy injections but must send in an order from the allergist with instructions giving the medical staff of Health Services permission to do this. There is no charge for this service. 

When are allergy injections given? 

Allergy injections can only be given when a physician is on duty at Health Services. A physician is on duty every Monday and Thursday. 

If a student needs physical therapy, can that be arranged? 

Yes, they must speak with the nurse. 

Is there a fee to be seen at Health Services? 

If the student will be living on campus, there is no fee; it is included in the student’s room and board. If the student is not living in college housing, there is a yearly fee of $100, which allows the same unlimited access to medical care as students who live on campus. 

How often does the physician come to Health Services? 

Every Monday and Thursday. 

Who is the physician and what does he specialize in? 

Dr. Stephen Michaud - Family Medicine. 

How often are Nurse Practitioners on duty at Health Services? 

Monday through Saturday, appointment may be necessary. 

When is Health Services open? 

8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Friday, 12-4 p.m. Saturday. Closed Sunday, holy days and holidays. Registered nurses are on duty six days per week. 

Who are the counselors at Health Services and what do they specialize in? 

All counselors are experienced psychotherapists and deal in treating: depression, anxiety, adjustment, relationships, and eating disorders. 

Does the student need to make an appointment to see a counselor? 

Yes, by calling the Front Desk Number (603) 641-7028 unless in case of an emergency the student would be seen immediately. 

How often are the counselors at Health Services? 

The counselors work Monday through Friday, 9-5. 

Is there a fee to see a counselor, and how often can the student see a counselor? 

No charge if you live on campus because it is part of your Roam and Board fee. Commuters pay yearly a $100.00 Off Campus Fee. Generally, short term can be from two to eight visits. 

How long is each session? 

50 minutes.