It is fair to say few historical moments will be as momentous to campus life as the outbreak of COVID-19, a global health crisis that led to a decision not seen at Saint Anselm College since the Spanish Flu in 1918. This site will provide updates and resources relating to the College’s response to COVID-19. 


Saint Anselm College’s decisions in response to the global pandemic are guided by the following core principles:

  • To keep the community safe.
  • To do what is right for our students, their parents and families, faculty, staff, and members of the monastery.
  • To maintain the perpetuity of Saint Anselm College.


Recent Updates

An Update on COVID-19 Test Results - 09/18/2020

As we close an eventful week on campus, I want to share our COVID-19 test results and our plans going forward. As you know, four students tested positive on Tuesday, Sept. 15; since then, four students tested positive on Wednesday, Sept. 16; one on Thursday, Sept. 17; and one on Friday, Sept. 18...

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Message from President Favazza - 09/15/2020

We have pledged to share developments regarding our COVID-19 testing and health protocols throughout the semester. In this spirit, I share with you that we had four positive test results today...

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Student Move-In is Completed - 08/17/2020

Over a 10-day phased move-in period concluding Sunday, Aug. 16, 1,823 residential and commuter students returned to the Saint Anselm College campus...

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For all updates, please see our College Updates section.