Finding a job and the process for being hired is the same for work study and student payroll positions. However, a student who is not eligible for Federal Work Study (FWS) cannot work a FWS position. The college makes every effort to employ as many students as possible in both FWS and student payroll positions.

Finding Jobs

You should look for a job as soon as you arrive on campus. We recommend you find a job in an office or department that interests you. Check the list of departments that have work study and student payroll positions.

Open positions can be found online or on various bulletin boards on campus: outside the Office of Human Resources (third floor, Alumni Hall) and outside the financial aid office. You should check with various offices at the beginning of each new semester as positions may become available.

Call us at (603) 641-7020 or e-mail us at if you have any questions about finding a job or the hiring process.

Hiring Process

As a student employee (this means FWS or STU), you must first secure a job. Your supervisor will provide you with an "Student Employment Offer Letter", and a document on how to complete your I-9 and W-4 on Paycom. Once you have completed these documents on Paycom, you will come to Human Resources and bring with you your Offer Letter and your documentation verifying your eligibility to work in the U.S. The appropriate documents include but are not limited to a passport alone, or a valid driver's license and an original social security card or an original birth certificate. See the required paperwork and documentation page for additional information.

Upon completion of this process, HR will issue you a "yellow card" verifying you've completed your paperwork and shown your identification. You then show your yellow card to the hiring supervisor-at which point you can begin to work.

  • Student Employment Offer Letter: A letter (triplicate form) including information about your position and rate of pay, which you and your employer must sign. Your supervisor should fill out the letter, not you. You then deliver the original (white) offer letter to HR keeping a copy (yellow) for yourself. Each year (or every new position) you must be given a new offer letter.
  • Yellow Card: If you are a new student or have never worked on campus then you need to fill out the required forms and provide HR with original identification. For the list of acceptable identification see the required forms and documentation page. When all your forms are complete Human Resources (HR) will give you a yellow card. You then show your yellow card to your supervisor. The yellow card is valid your entire time on campus (unless otherwise noted).  Students cannot begin work until all their paperwork has been completed. *You should keep your yellow card for the four years you are on campus. It proves you have filled out the required forms with HR and are able to begin work. If you lose your yellow card go to the HR office on the third floor of Alumni Hall to receive another.

Returning Students

If you are a returning student who has worked on campus in the past then you just need to show your yellow card to the hiring supervisor and they will be able to create your Offer Letter, which you will just need to drop off to Human Resources before beginning your job.

* Working without required documentation presents serious U.S. Homeland Security compliance issues and major liability issues for the college.