Ethics and Investing Roundtable

By Cole Crusciel & Sarah Jacobs | March 20, 2020

alumni ethics event

The Center recently partnered with Saint Anselm alumnus, Dan Puopolo, to host a group of current students and alumni for a dinner and discussion on the ethics of Investing. This dinner was the first of a series of events that will encourage multigenerational conversation about ethical dilemmas faced in the workplace and student-alumni connections.

As the Chief Administrative Officer at wealth management firm Eaton Vance Investment Counsel, Puopolo offered insight into the considerations his company takes when doing business. Ethical issues, he explained, are taken into account more than is publicly recognized. Contrary to the understanding of some, many companies regulate themselves with formal ethical codes and checks. Other alumni also spoke to this, describing methods used to filter out certain investment choices. For example, a firm may bar itself from investing in a business if it does not score high enough on an analysis of its ethical practices. Regardless of the business’ financial success, a low score will hinder their long-term success by precluding investments in the company. In an effort to teach and encourage ethical practices, investment firms often work with companies to ensure they understand the importance and practical application of ethical business practices.

When asked about the event, Dan said, “I was pleased with the amount of dialogue around the table and was impressed by the thoughtful questions posed by students.  Having the opportunity to step out of the day to day operations of my business and share insights with students is not only gratifying but also a useful exercise in reflecting on our current practices.  Events like this offered by the Center offer wonderful opportunities to discuss important issues among people with varying perspectives, and I look forward to participating in many more in the future.”

Students and alumni welcomed the opportunity to learn more about the legitimacy of ethical considerations in the investing world, meet like-minded peers, and contribute to the discussion. The Center for Ethics in Business and Governance is looking for alumni who are interested in co-hosting a discussion. You can reach the Center at