Gilbert Becker


+1(603) 641-7134



1983 - Ph.D., Boston College, Economics
1976 - B.S., Colby College, Economics


I joined the Department of Economics and Business at Saint Anselm College in the fall of 1987. I teach courses in economics, primarily microeconomics and industrial organization, and serve as the faculty advisor to the Saint Anselm College Business and Economics Society.

  • Teaching Goals and Interests

    A primary objective in my classes is to increase student awareness that most personal and business decisions can be framed in terms of economic principles and analysis. In my classes, I seek to examine the conflicting philosophies and normative questions which responsible citizens should be aware of regarding the proper role of government with respect to our economy. As such, I am most interested in teaching about regulatory and antitrust policy within an economic system of capitalism, and the impact on society of various interactions between government, business, and consumers.


  • Research Interests

    My research interests include antitrust law and the economic regulation of professions and other industries. I am also interested in the study of industry organization, especially the effects of market structure on strategic rivalry and industry performance. My past work has focused on the ski industry, regulation of the dentistry profession and the optometry profession.

  • Publication
    • The Encyclopedia of Management, 2nd Edition: Vol. IX "Managerial Economics." Blackwell Publishing Co. (forthcoming).
    • The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Managerial Economics, Blackwell Publishing Co. 1997. (Contributor
    • "The Public Interest Hypothesis Revisited: A New Test of Peltzman's Theory of Regulation," Public Choice, Vol. 49, (1986).
    • "The American Ski Company Merger: Did the Department of Justice 'Catch a Tip'?" (Working Paper)
    • "Strategic Regulatory Investment and the Economic Theory of Regulation" (Working Paper)
    • "The Effect of Regulation on Structural Changes: The Case of Optometry in the 1980s" (Working Paper)
    • "Protecting the Public Interest: the Not-so-Benevolent Legislator" (Working Paper)
  • Professional Associations
    • American Economic Association
    • Industrial Organization Society
    • Eastern Economic Association