Every August, students walk from Lewiston, Maine to Saint Anselm College to raise funds for nine charities in Maine and New Hampshire. It is a modern-day pilgrimage that, in the words of the mission statement, "seeks to provide funds for the needy, strengthen the bonds in our communities, and rekindle the belief that every footstep makes a difference."

As the walk is underway and throughout the year, check the Road For Hope blog to follow along!

To make a donation to Road For Hope, send a check made out to "Saint Anselm College" with "Road For Hope" in the memo. Send it to the Office of Campus Ministry.

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  • 2020 Schedule

    Road for Hope Visitor Policy:

    We are so excited for this year's Road for Hope. We really look forward to visitors to boost morale and share our experience. Due to the anticipated number of visitors in addition to activities and events planned and the safety of our walkers, we have decided to host visitors on Thursday evening only, after 6 p.m. We will be at St. Joseph Parish Hall in 844 1st NH Turnpike Northwood, NH. If you were planning to visit, we hope that this works with your schedule and we are really looking forward to see you!

    We hope to see you all at the finish line Saturday August 29th! Walkers are estimated to arrive around 1pm. Check our twitter and Instagram accounts @ SACroadforhope to stay up to date!

    Road for Hope 2020 Schedule below. Please note that times are best estimates!

    Saturday, August 22

    Basilica (Lewiston, ME) to St. Gregory's (Gray, ME)

    • Start: (8 a.m., front steps)

    Basilica of SS Peter and Paul
    150 Ash Street
    Lewiston, ME 04240

    • Lunch: First Congregational Church: 19 Gloucester Hill Road
    • Overnight: St. Gregory's: 24 North Raymond Road, Gray, ME

    Day: 17.5 miles; Week total: 17.5 miles; Remaining walk: 106.5 miles

    Sunday, August 23

    St. Gregory's (Gray, ME) to Deeper Well Church (Standish, ME)

    • Lunch is at a dirt parking lot on the left side of Rt. 35, on the Windham/Standish line, before the bridge.
    • Overnight: Deeper Well Church: 190 Northeast Road, Standish, ME

    Day: 16.2 miles; Week total: 33.7 miles; Remaining walk: 90.3 miles

    Monday, August 24

    Day 3 Deeper Well Church (Standish, ME) to Massabesic Middle School 134 Old Alfred Rd. (Waterboro, ME)

    • Lunch at Hollis Sports Complex (Lower Tarbox Road)
    • Overnight: Friendship Park: 230 Old Alfred Road, East Waterboro, ME
    Day: 18.5 miles; Week total: 52.2 miles; Remaining walk: 71.8 miles
    Tuesday, August 25

    Friendship Park (Waterboro, ME) to St. Therese Gym (Sanford, ME)

    • Lunch at Brothers of Christian Instruction: 130 Shaker Hill Road, Alfred, ME
    • Overnight: St Ignatius Gym: 25 Riverside Avenue, Sanford, ME

    Day: 11.5 miles; Week total: 63.7 miles; Remaining walk: 60.3 miles

    Wednesday, August 26

    St. Ignatius Gym (Sanford, ME) to St. Charles (Rochester, NH).

    • Lunch at Gil's Diner parking lot: (approx. 1000 Broggi Hwy/202, Lebanon, ME)
    • Overnight: St. Charles Children's Home: 19 Grant Street, Rochester, NH

    Day: 15.9 miles; Week total: 79.6 miles; Remaining walk: 44.4 miles

    Thursday, August 27

    St. Charles (Rochester, NH) to St. Joseph's Church (Northwood, NH)

    • Lunch: Strafford School: Strafford, NH
    • Overnight: St. Joseph's Church: Northwood, NH

    Day: 16.2 miles Week total: 95.8 miles; Remaining walk: 28.2 miles

    Friday, August 28

    St. Joseph's (Northwood, NH) to Henry W. Moore School (Candia, NH).

    • Lunch: 8 Raymond Road, Deerfield, NH
    • Overnight: Moore School: Candia, NH

    Day: 14 miles; Week total: 109.8 miles; Remaining walk: 14.2 miles

    Saturday, August 29

    Henry W. Moore School (Candia, NH) to Saint Anselm College

    • Lunch: Derryfield Park: Bridge Street, Manchester, NH

    Day: 14.2 miles; Week total: 124 miles

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