Believe it or Not: Unbelievable: How Status and Stigma Shape Support for Activism, Advocacy, and Accusations of Abuse

February 28, 2023 | Roger & Francine Jean Student Center

Professor Loretta Brady’s lecture will be followed by a Community Resilience and Social Equity lab “game jam” session allowing audience members to shape a resource to inform and support organizational policies that protect those with less power. Over the past several years shocking and painful accounts have emerged of assault, trafficking, and abuses of power and authority. When accusations are raised there is frequently a pattern of denial, dismissal, and minimization that survivors encounter and endure even as the allegations themselves are investigated, confirmed, and (most rarely) prosecuted.

Dr. Brady is an alumna of Saint Anselm College (class of '99). In addition to research on risk and resilience, Dr. Brady has developed a specialty in technology, employee training, diversity and organizational psychology. Dr. Brady is a licensed clinical psychologist with additional certifications in leadership coaching, addiction treatment, infant mental health, and conflict mediation. Her clinical efforts have served returning veteran's, chronically ill patients, professional teams, families in crisis, and patients with trauma and addiction.

February 28, 2023 4:30 PM

Event Space, Jean Student Center