This minor provides a foundation in astronomy and planetary science. Students are introduced to the sciences of astronomy and geology through two introductory courses. Then students choose three courses depending on their focus. Some courses can come from the General Physics or Calculus-based Physics course sequence and Modern Physics. Other available courses explore more advanced astronomical concepts or an introductory course in Weather and Climate. Astronomical or geological research projects or special topics courses can be included for this minor with department approval.

Required Courses:

  • PS 101 - Astronomy
  • PS 201 - Geology
  • Choose three from the following (with at least two 200 level or above): 



  • PS 103 - Weather and Climate
  • PS 121: General Physics I
  • PS 122: General Physics II
  • PS 131: Calculus Based Physics I
  • PS 132: Calculus Based Physics II
  • PS 202 - Planetary Science
  • PS 222 - Life Beyond Earth
  • PS 231 - Modern Physics
  • PS 449 - Topics in Physics
  • PS 452 - Research in Physics